Woodard, Malcolm and Woodard, Tina to Desantis, Lisa and Desantis, Thomas, New Lot 566 County, $339,900.

Davis, Mark to Davis, Mark and Childs, Andrea Nicole, Lot 50, Cottages At Emerald Farm.

Thompson, Tonekea A. to Cullen, Mamie and Cullen, Mamie Lee, Lot No. 39, Magnolia Place Sub., $10.

Brock, Randy Carlton to Brock, Randy Carlton and Brock, Edith, Parcels County, $0.

Frosceno, Adam C. and Frosceno, Soper Tiffany L. and Soper, Tiffany L. and Soper, Tiffany to Anagnost, Michael C. and Anagnost, Janis W., Lot No. 42, Laurel Wood Sub., $135,000.

Warner, Andrew Horace to Warner, Evan Tillman, Parcels County.

Timmerman, Kenneth L. to Ellis, Hugh Wesley, Lot 7, Blk A, Wade Heights Sub., $43,000.

Batson, Cameron Will to Small Financial Investments LP, Lot 5, Auburn Place Sub., $182,000.

Lewis, Claudia M. to Lewis, Virginia Blake, Lot 43, Beckridge Sub., $0.

Plowden 427 LLC to Siciliano, Joseph and Siciliano, Mary Lynn, Lot 2, County, $60,000.

King, Charles H. to Mitchum, Makayla Marie, Lots 56-58, Sec. B, Dan Richardson Estate Sub., $80,000.

Giffin, William T. to Shockley, Edwin J. and Shockley, Sheila, Lot 108, Cottages At Palmetto Crossing, $249,500.

Wyn, Richard G. III and Wyn, Lisa L. to Mcintosh, Adam and Mc Intosh, Adam, Lot, Kathwood Drive, $157,000.

Mcdaniel, William J. and Dorn, Yvonne M. to Dorn, Joshua, Lot No. 211, Ninety Six Plant, $70,000.

Bickers, Samuel Gordon to Allen, Jason, Lot New Market Street, $25,000.

Lagrone, James M. to Duncan, Bryant, Lot County, $184,900.

Lawson, Josh and Lawson, Kristy to Powell, Billy and Powell, Miranda Lou, Lots 22 & 23, Block A, Breckridge Sub., $175,000.

Rash, Derrick R. and Rash, Allison M. to Smith, Ronald W. and Smith, Angela R., Tracts County, $290,000.

Whirlwind Properties LLC to Karcher, Trevor J., Lot 17, Virgin Heights, $178,500.

Edwards, Jamie L. and Edwards, Jamie to Edwards, Jamie L. Trustee and Edwards, Jamie L. Revocable Trust and Jamie L. Edwards Revocable Trust, Lot/Unit 7 of Ph. 2, Grace Court.

Johnson, Scott D. and Edwards, Jamie L. and Edwards, Jamie to 313 Grace Street No. 4 LLC, Lot/Unit 4, Ph. II Gracecourt.

Johnson, Scott D. and Edwards, Jamie L. to 313 Grace Street No. 10 LLC, Lot/Unit 10, Ph I, Gracecourt.

Grajcar, Michael G. Jr. and Grajcar, Ronnie to Grajcar, Michael George Jr. Trustee and Grajcar, Michael George Jr. Revocable Trust and Michael George Grajcar Jr. Revocable Trust, Lots 34-A, 34-B, 34-C, 34-D & 34-E Belle Rive Sub.

Grajcar, Michael G. Jr. and Grajcar, Ronnie to Grajcar, Ronnie Trustee and Grajcar, Ronnie Revocable Trust and Ronnie Grajcar Revocable Trust, Lots No 34-A, 34-B, 34-C, 34-D & 34-E of Belle Rive Sub.

Havenner, Diana L. Trustee and Havenner, Diana L. Family Trust and Diana L. Havenner Family Trust to English, Russell W. and English, Sandra K., Lot, Gardenia Drive, $200,000.

Conley, Matthew J. to Brown, Benjamin and Brown, Nicole, Lot No. 175, Ph. II, Harborside Sub., $20,000.

Tax Collector Greenwood County and Brothers, Dewey D. and Brothers Properties to Smith, Ricky, Tax Deed Hall Sub., $1,153.05.

Macrae, Christopher Ryan to Deady, Michelle L., Lot 19, Rockcreek Sub., $190,000.

Padgett, Bernard H. and Padgett, Carolyn H. and Padgett, Carolyn to WAJM LLC, Lot, Laurel Road and Lots 21 & 22, Woodrow Street Extension, $25,000.

Edwards, Joseph Ben Jr. and Edwards, J. Ben and Brode, Stephanie E. and Goodman, Sharolyn E. to Edwards, Joseph Ben, Lot 191, Belle Meade Sub., $0.

Koober LLC to Fah Holdings Twin Oaks LLC, Parcel 6.68A, County, $2,500.

Cowan, Melissa Kay to Galindo, Flores Kevin Bryan and Galindo, Tania Consuelo and Flores, Kevin Bryan Galindo, Lot 3, County, $210,000.

Butler, William to Hearst, Maesha S. and Mcduffie, Schanen L. and Mc Duffie, Schanen L., Lot No. 156, Country Homes Sub., No. Two, $5,000.

Mcgovern, Gregg A. and Mcgovern, Barry T. and Mcgovern, Robert J. and Mcgovern, James P. and Mc Govern, Gregg A. and Mc Govern, Barry T. and Mc Govern, Robert J. and Mc Govern, James P. to Mcgovern, Britney N. and Mc Govern, Britney N., Unit 3, Karlie Hill Townhouses, Ph I, $93,000.

Sullivan, Yoshunda Coleman and Coleman, Yoshunda to Coleman, Lark A. and Coleman, Roxie Renee and Sullivan, Yoshunda Coleman, Lots County.

Smith, John Eric to Smith, John Eric and Bowen, Nicole, Lot, US Hwy. 221.

Mathis, James H. to Mathis, L. Wayne, Parcel A-3 County.

Vines, Stanley B. and Arrington, Elizabeth V. By AIF and Fletcher, Amy Vines and Somaini, Amy Vines and Vines, Stanley B. AIF to Cobb, Norris H. and Cobb, Judy Chafin, Lot County.

Mathis Properties LLC to Mathis, L. Wayne, Lot A, County, $35,000.

Mckean, William J. and Mckean, Lisa O. and Mc Kean, William J. and Mc Kean, Lisa O. to Moseley, Katherine B. Trustee and Moseley, Katherine B. Revocable Trust and Katherine B. Moseley Revocable Trust, Lot 0.01A, City, $1,000.

Watson, Robert Lee Witt and Watson, Robbie Lee W. to Watson, Alfred Lewis, Lot, State Hwy. 254.

Gidlow, Kathleen E. to Sagmiller, James D, and Sagmiller, Debra D., Lot 27-C, Harborside Sub., $675,000.

Godfrey, Robert Lee Sr. and Godfrey, Linda G. By AIF and Godfrey, Robert Lee Sr. AIF to Simpson, Joshua R. and Simpson, Nicole D., Parcel County, $515,800.

Wall, Steven H. to Steve Wall Enterprises LLC, Lot, Montague Street.

Milford Pines Development LLC to D R Horton Inc., Lots 40 & 41, Milford Pines Sub., $97,800.

Wall, Steve to Steve Wall Enterprises LLC, Lot, Montague Avenue, $5.

Tax Collector Greenwood County and Snelling, Susan Amanda and Koenig, Jane Trustee and Koenig, George IV and Snelling, Susan Amanda Kathleen to Smith, Ricky, Tax Deed, Lot County, $2,332.

Davis, Donald R. Trustee and First Free Will Baptist Church to Reid, Maria A., Parcel B, County, $80,000.

Vines, Charles Conway Trustee and Vines, Marler Family Trust to Vines, Charles Conway, Lot County, $0.

Vines, Charles Conway to Marler, John Christian, Lot, County, $0.

Vines, Kenneth to Vines, Charles Conway and Vines, C. Conway, Lot 0.82A, County, $0.

Barnes, Herbert T. to Worthington, David L. and Worthington, Donna C., Lot 15, Woodcrest Sub., $201,000.

Able, Denise S. and Able, Denise to Able, Tonya and Alewine, Tonya Able and Able, Thomas Walker Jr. and Able, Denise S., Lot 287, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Hollingsworth. William Lynwood and Hollingsworth, William Linwood and Hollingsworth, Sara T. to Hollingsworth, William Linwood and Hollingsworth, Sara T., Lots 8 & 8-A, Northfall Acres Sub.

Mcclinton, Wendell C. and Mcclinton, Rebecca Ann and Mc Clinton, Wendell C. and Mc Clinton, Rebecca Ann to Steifle, Clint A., Lot 14, Saddle Hill Sub., Ph. III, $295,000.

Darragh, Thomas Ray and Darragh, Terry Mccombs to Darby, William F. Jr., Parcels County, $450,000.

Barr, Nella O. Per. Rep. and Ouzts, Patricia H. Estate and Patricia H. Ouzts Estate and Ouzts, Patricia Ann Estate and Patricia Ann Ouzts Estate to Ramey, Johnny M. and Ramey, Ramona Eilene, Lot County, $140,000.

County Of Greenwood South Carolina to Bay Island LLC, Lot County.

Dansby, Antoinette L. to Lanier, Wade A., Lots County.

Lanier, Reginald to Lanier, Wade A., Lots County.

Gilchrist, Luephila L. to Lanier, Wade A., Lots County.

Nelson, Doris L. to Lanier, Wade A., Lots County.

Ouzts, Ruth R. By AIF and Ouzts, Emma Ruth R. By AIF and Gibert, Jessica Leigh Ouzts AIF to Nolt, Daryl Linn and Nolt, Rebekah Lynn, Lot No. 246, Greenwood Plant Sub., $58,000.

Calhoun, Carrie Lee and Calhoun, Carrie S. to Amaker, Sylena C and Calhoun, Loretta A and Hightower, Mary C. and Lewis, Bridget C. and Sullivan, Janice C. and Calhoun, Furman L. Jr. and Calhoun, Larry, Lot 36, Magnolia Place Sub.

Norman, Stephanie to Anderson, Tony W. and Anderson, Therese D,, Lot 46, Pinehurst Sub., $89,900.

Bearcat Properties LLC to Parris, William and Parris, Monica, Lots 125 & 126, Harborside Sub, $19,900.

Bearcat Properties LLC to Mallow, William and Mallow, Darlene, Lot 162, Harborside Sub, $10,900.

Mccall, Ann E. to Harmon,, Evelyn Townes, Lots 46 And 48, Jennings Property, $250,000.

Goff, Ryen H. to Valmas, Gregory Peter, Lot 29, Ashton Park, Tract A, $260,000.

Patton Development SC LLC to Hendrix, William M. Trustee and Hendrix Family Trust, Tracts 1-3, County, $1,828,600.

Poore, Gina R. and Dunn, Gina Poore to Dunn, Joseph D., Unit C, The Commons, $120,000.

Johns, Christopher D, to Ruble, Alyssa N., Lot 2, Maggies Ridge Sub.

Johns, Christopher D. to Ruble, Michael W. and Ruble, Andra L., Lot 3, Maggies Ridge Sub.

Johns, Christopher D. to Johns, Carter C., and Johns, Daci D., Lot 4, Maggies Ridge Sub.

Johns, Christopher D. to Johns, Colten D., Lot 6, Maggies Ridge Sub.

Foster, Robert Lee Jr. to Foster, Linda W. and Foster, Robert Lee III, Tract C County.

Foster, Robert Lee Jr. to Foster, Linda W. and Foster, Robert Lee III, Lot County.

Foster, Linda W. to Foster, Roger Dale and Anderson, Rosa Foster and Foster, Douglas and Foster, Randy and Foster, Charles Daryl, Tract C, County and Lot County.

Eagleson, Thomas N. Trustee By AIF and Eagleson, Thomas N. Trust and Thomas N. Eagleson Trust and Eagleson, Jacquelyn D Trustee By AIF and Eagleson, Jacquelyn D. Trust and Jacquelyn D. Eagleson Trust and Padgett, James Graham III AIF to Taylor, Elizabeth, Lot 539, Canoe Bay, $397,500.

Clark, Matthew C. and Clark, Adrian Allen to Cameron, Willam Hunter and Cameron, Abigail Elaine, Lot No. 22, Sec. A,Briarcliff Sub., $128,500.

Trammell, Cynthia to Kier, Donald R. and Kier, Christine R., Lot 45, Ph. II, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, $215,000.

Gleissner, Michael A. and Gleissner, Audrey N. to Scruggs, Jacob R., Lot 1.43A, South Cambridge Street, $145,000.

King, Nancy Ann Bagwell to King, Drury Estate and Boswell, Nannette K. and Lecroy, Anna K. and Dodgen, Catherine K. and Drury, King Estate, Parcel SC Hwy. No. 246.

Holloway, Bennie Mae to Harrison, Schley Sharon and Schley, Sharon Harrison and Syrkett, Charles, Lot, Marion Street.

Kirk, K. J. to Kirk, Kenneth J. and Kirk, Barbara I., Lot No. 12, Ellenwood Acres Sub.

Harrington, Stephen B. to Harrington, Stephen B. and Harrington, Sydney J., Lot No. 331, Greenwood Plant Sub.

James, Christopher M. to James, Phillip M. Trustee FBO and James, Brody Michael, Lot No. 8, Green Acres Blvd., $400.

Corley, Jean B. Trustee and Davenport, Sandra C. Trustee and Corley, Owen C Revocable Trust and Owen C. Corley Revocable Trust and Corley, Jean B. Revocable Trust and Jean B. Corley Revocable Trust to Corley, Jean B. Trustee and Davenport, Sandra C. Trustee and Corley Family Trust, Parcels County.

Yonce, Barbara to Yonce, Barbara Trustee and Yonce, Ransom Monroe Charitable Trust and Yonce, Helen Blackman Charitable Trust and Ransom, Monroe Yonce Charitable Trust and Helen Blackman Yonce Charitable Trust, Lots 67 & 66, Colonial Heights Sub.

Anderson, Margaret Y. to Ross, Perrin Anderson and Ross, Sherri Rawlings, Lots A & B, County, $292,500.

Horne, Andrew J. to Horne, Zachary J., Lot 149, Harris Plant Sub, $120,000.