Harmanone LLC, 2113 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, $5,000, replace seven exterior outswing doors.

If you are participating in a retirement plan at work, are you changing your activity because of the pandemic? Most participants are not, even though the COVID-19 market was a roller coaster between Feb. 19 and March 23. One-day declines and advances in the S&P 500 index made it to the t…

Hilton L. Dodgen Revocable Trust and Dodgen. Hilton L. Jr. Trustee and Dodgen, Hilton L. Revocable Trust to Addison, Jody L. and Addison L. Alexandria Dodgen and Dodgen, Addison L. Alexandria, Parcel, Callison Highway S.C. 67.

When the investing apps Robinhood, Acorns and Stash came on the scene, a new type of saver emerged, one who could save money when making purchases (a microsaver). Then came the microinvestor, a saver who could buy small-dollar amounts of shares of stocks.

Mary and Samuel Gambrell, 109 Gambrell St., demolition of structure

IS Biomass LLC, 4802 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, $65,000, structural repair, doors, windows

Newman, Holly Custodian for and Newman Ansley Paige By Custodian to Newman, William and Newman, Holly, Parcel County, $0.

Known as the “Big Five,” five questions can predict your ability to make good financial decisions. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers who conducted a study between 2012 and 2018 of 1,500 Americans to test basic financial knowledge.

Holley, Whitney and Holley, Joseph to Holley, Whitney Harris and Holley, Joseph Daniel, Lot, East Cambridge Street.

When I speak with investors, whether they invest on their own or with the help of financial professionals, I’m always curious about how they monitor progress. How do they know they are on track? How do they judge performance? Are they happy with the results?

Kwok, Richard Y. and Kwok, Lilian L. to Kwok, Lilian L. Trustee and Kwok 1995 Revocable Trust, Lot City.

Cozine Financial Services LLC, 122 Old Mount Moriah Road, $400, deck 6x12.

“Matt,” a 65-year-old reader of this column, is about to retire with a substantial 401(k). He has never invested on his own, only through his 401(k). Luckily, his pension and Social Security retirement benefits cover the amount of money he needs to live on to support himself right now.

Wilson, Ronald Cory to Norris, James R. and Norris, Eileen F., Lot 106, Belle Meade Sub., $120,000.

Hamilton Park Apartments LLC, 101 Hamilton Park Circle, $200, office pod for construction.

In 2016, Congress made permanent the QCD or qualified charitable distribution for people at least 70 1/2 years old who wanted to benefit charities. The charity had to be qualified, and there were other requirements to effect the QCD properly, as set out in IRS Publication 590-B.

Barksdale, C.Bruce Jr. and Barksdale, C. B. and Barksdale, Martin and Barksdale, C. Bruce to Barksdale, C. Bruce, Jr. and Barksdale, Martin, Parcels County.

It seems there is a special day for just about everything you can think of. As I write this column (Oct. 2), it’s National Name Your Car Day — and, yes, I’ll admit to naming my first car a long time ago.

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