Dolny, Linda L. Trustee and Dolny, Stephen B. Trust and Stephen B. Dolny Trust to Dunlap, Mary B. and Dunlap, Murray W., Lot 28 And Portions Of Lots 1, 2, 3 And 27 Block B, Gracemont Terrace Sub., $295,000.

Have you ever received an email from yourself, only you didn’t compose or send it? You can probably guess that this is a cybersecurity issue. What better time than now to discuss how this sort of thing can happen, since it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The goal is a safer and mor…

Greenwood Urological Realty Partnership LLC to Greenwood County Hospital Board and Self Regional Healthcare, Parcels Greenwood Professional Park.

Dowtin, James D. Jr. to Torano, James F. and Day, Jane F., Lt. 6, Bl. 2, Town Of Troy, $5,900.

Burns, Deborah Ann B. and Butler, Richard L. to Nicholson 5 LLC and Nicholson Five LLC, Lt. 15, East End Heights, $58,000.

If you are a longtime reader of this column, you know I’m a strong supporter of financial literacy education for all, and I’m a big believer in identifying solid, unbiased resources for learning how to make good financial decisions. One of those resources is the Financial Industry Regulatory…

Have you noticed any changes with your brokerage account’s “sweep” account option? Sweep accounts are set up at the time you open your account; usually there is an option to sweep money you deposit into your brokerage account into a money market mutual fund to earn interest until you decide …

Special Referee and Davis, Latoyia A. and Davis, Elizha Estate and Davis, Latoyia A. Per Rep to HSBC Bank USA National Association Trustee, Unit 29, Sec. 3, J.D. Nicholson’s Promised Land Sub.

Have you ever received a notice from the IRS telling you that you owe money because of a “miscalculation” on your tax return? Millions of taxpayers receive such CP11 notices every year, according to the national taxpayer advocate’s Annual Report to Congress for 2018 (February 2019).

Schulze, Charles W. Trustee and Schulze, Warren C. Revocable Trust and Warren C. Schulze Revocable Trust and Schulze, Delray G. Revocable Trust and Delray G. Schulze Revocable Trust to Snead, Edward Keith IV and Snead, Ayla Rae, Parcel County, $250,000.

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