Lowe, Leandrew F. and Lowe, Kelley G. to BGKR LLC, Lot 88, J. Lewis Smith Sub., $100,000.

Sample, David M. Estate and Sample, Toni A. Per. Rep. and David M. Sample Estate to Sample, Toni A., Lot 6, Kensington Sub, $279,193.

Jackson, Carol S. and Jackson, Steven B. and Jackson, Jennifer M. to Cash, Brittany Ann, Lots 3 & 4, Block A And Portion Of Lot #1, Block A, Cherry Hill Sub., $175,000.

Bunch, Rebecca Leanna to Yee, David and Yee, Shannon Christine and Sacra, Henry Franklin and Sacra, Carolyn Sue, Parcel County (Greenwood And Abbeville), $290,000.

Marshall, Jeff and Marshall, Thurshundray and Leverette, Thurshundray to Marshall, Thurshundray, Lot No. 110, Section 2, Augusta Fields Sub, $0.

All Properties LLC, 1801 Montague Ave., $269,584, interior walls, architectural finishes.

Jensen, Courtney M. and Jensen, Jeremy K. to Jensen, Jeremy K., Lot 15, Baker Place Dixie Hwy.

Global Supply Bonded Warehouse LLC, 4802 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, $250,000, install doors, repair roof

Peeler, Deborah Lynn R. and Mcgee, Margaret Ann R. and Mc Gee, Margaret Ann R. to Mcgee, John F. Jr. and Mc Gee, John F. Jr. and Mcgee, Margaret Ann R. and Mc Gee, Margaret Ann R., Parcel Norso Property And Lots 1-4 Wisewood Sub.

Cavender Capital LLC to Fortier, Eugene O., Lots 34 & 35, Sec. 3, Promised Land Heights Sub., $85,000.

Sanders, Vicki B. to Gaddy, Mark C., Lot No. 74 And Part Of Lot 75, Brightwater Bay Sub., With 1999 Bell Cimma Mobile Home.

Real Life Ministries Inc., 2352 Highway 72-221, $200,000, new roof.