Jackson Station meets Asian on Waller Avenue


I caught up with local musician Nic Massey this week to learn more about this talented, quiet musician who I find playing live music most weekends in the Lakelands. Nic is humble, kind and always seems up to help out a fellow musician. I’ve seen him play on stage more times than I can count, and often at the spur of the moment when a band needs someone on bass guitar or a musician needs a little backup.

Nic’s talents don’t just lie in his ability to play an impromptu set, though. I’ve heard the edgy riffs he’s written for original songs performed by local band Bad Weather States, and he stands out to me as one of Greenwood’s finest guitarists. I wanted to learn more about how Nic got his start in music, so I bugged him with a few questions this week. Read on to learn a little more about this gifted musician:

LB: What first sparked your interest in playing music and what instruments do you play?

Nic: I’d have to say my parents. From my dad’s stories of a chance encounter meeting Jimi Hendrix to my mom dressing me up like Bruce Springsteen on Halloween when I was 3. I really had no option but to pick up a guitar growing up around those two music lovers. I play guitar and bass and fake my way through drums and flute.

LB: Who are some of the musicians who have influenced you?

Nic: I used to go see Greenwood’s own “The REDS” play when I was first learning music. So Ronnie Goldman, Eddie Wayne Bailey, Dave Matthews and Steve Eddy are responsible for giving me the Rock N Roll bug.

LB: What’s one of your favorite songs to play?

Nic: I don’t get to play it much anymore these days but it’s “Cobblestone Road,” written by my old touring mate Roger Hoover. That song always reminds me of the beautiful people, towns and sights along I-40.

LB: What musical projects or bands are you involved in now?

Nic: I’m currently playing guitar in Bad Weather States and also bass guitar in Mucho Dinero. Both bands are from Greenwood with some of the finest gentlemen that have ever come out of Self Memorial!

LB: Name some artists you listen to on a regular basis.

Nic: The Replacements, Hot Water Music, Bruce Springsteen, Thin Lizzy and Lucinda Williams.

LB: What hobbies do you enjoy besides playing music?

Nic: I’m really into Oklahoma City Thunder basketball and collecting weird socks with funny stuff on them.

LB: Where can readers go to listen to or learn more about your music?

Nic: My old band from my younger, punk rock days, called The Roustabouts, has an album called “The Only One” up on Spotify. Bad Weather States is currently in the process of finishing up 10 songs that we should be putting out in the next few months.

You can catch Nic and the rest of Bad Weather States next Friday, March 31 at Greenwood’s “Springfest” music festival, which starts 5 p.m. at the Uptown Market. You’ll appreciate their original songs, stage confidence and, of course, Nic’s solid guitar skills. Don’t miss it!

Brooks lives in Greenwood. Find her on Facebook or Instagram, @laurabethbrooks, or laura.brooks212@gmail.com. Let her know if your bar is featuring a new drink or your band is playing next weekend.