With solid vocals and a gift for making people laugh, rapper and comic K-Roll is poised for take-off.

The 43-year-old Greenwood native, whose real name is Kevin Rollinson, has a platinum debut single out now, “Real Quick,” to be followed in March by a single, “Earthquake,” both in conjunction with label LSG Music.

“Everybody go into the studio hoping they come out with a hit,” K-Roll said, talking about his debut single. “You want to take it to the DJ. ... Put it in the mix, radio, real quick. This song is really a DJ anthem.”

Joining K-Roll on “Real Quick” are Florence hip-hop artists Quesh and $DOE$.

A press release from LSG Music about “Real Quick” says the video for this debut single takes viewers through the recording process. The release notes composer Simon Sayz has gone for an electronic vibe on the song, with twinges of acoustics.

Check out the video on YouTube: youtu.be/pXRA-SnhjhA. (Note: Video dialogue includes strong language.)

Lakelands viewers will see familiar places in the video and a cameo of Rollinson’s stand-up comedy character, Uncle Pooty, who can also be found on Instagram.

K-Roll describes Uncle Pooty as “an old, washed-up pimp, always looking for girls.”

Since its release, “Real Quick” has gone platinum, K-Roll said. The song can be accessed on YouTube, Spotify, K-Roll’s website, Apple Music and other music handles.

The second single, “Earthquake,” is a dance song.

“We shot the ‘Earthquake’ video Sunday (Feb. 21) in Abbeville and on Russell Lake,” K-Roll said. “I slept like a baby when I got home.”

K-Roll is a performer with varied interests.

“I’ve been doing stand-up since about 2008 and been in several movies and videos, along with a play called ‘Church Folks,’” K-Roll said.

“I’ve been told if I’m not acting or in front of the cameras, go to the studio and record music,” K-Roll added. “One or two will take off. ... My first song, coming into the industry was ‘Sex Tag’ with (Canadian rapper) Drake. It was pushed on Atlanta radio. I also have a song called ‘Get Freaky’ featuring King David, under a former artist name I used, Freaky Squeaky.”

In 2008, K-Roll was singing gospel. He later switched to R&B and hip-hop.

Publisher/label manager Lewis Gregory with LSG Music said he met K-Roll in 2018 after the song project with Drake.

“He’s got a unique-style voice and he’s an all-around entertainer,” Gregory said. “He’s fun to be around. He also understands that music is a job and understands what’s required to get it done. This business is not one person. It’s a team.”

To that end, Gregory said he’s helped “ghostwrite” with K-Roll and Gregory also sings a chorus on one of the songs. It was K-Roll who brought Quesh into the fold, too, Gregory said.

“My influences are old school,” K-Roll said. “LL Cool J, New Edition, Tupac Shakur ... and there’s a new guy, Ryte Eye Ty.”

K-Roll said he attended Greenwood schools, Ninety Six High School and is a member of the Abbeville High School 1996 senior class.

Contact St. Claire Donaghy at 864-992-8934.

Contact St. Claire Donaghy at 864-992-8934.