Newly launched TrueScale Records is looking for talent that’s something you haven’t heard before.

“We’re looking for one who can lead the flock,” said founder Phillip Michael Gilchrist. “We have a lot of underground talent...We’re all about preserving the integrity of the independent and entrepreneurial artists...We are looking for the next big thing. If you think you got it, we would love to hear it.”

Gilchrist, of Columbia, is the record company’s executor. He has family ties to the Lakelands. The record company, launched Feb. 8, 2019, is part of MP Productions, a South Carolina-based music production company Gilchrist started in 2016.

Gilchrist said he’s been mentored by others in the music business, including executives with Sony Music Global and Sony Motion Pictures.

“For me, it’s been a shift from the artist side, the creative side, to the business side,” Gilchrist, 21, said. Gilchrist himself is a pop recording artist from South Carolina for whom music theory is key.

More than 130 artists have been recruited for TrueScale and a number are signing Gilchrist said.

“We are global, but headquartered in the Carolinas,” Gilchrist said. “Technology has a huge impact on music today, but with developing artists, we want to train them in music producing, songwriting, arranging and composing.”

From classical to country, pop, R&B, gospel and more, Gilchrist said he’s open to working with artists from diverse musical backgrounds.

“Because I once was an independent artist, I know, sometimes, that one opportunity is all it takes,” Gilchrist said. “I am a huge music nerd, studying music in college, but I found my mindset in the business side of music and doing my own thing.”

Must-haves on Gilchrist’s playlists now are Charlie Puth, Frank Sinatra, songs by record producer Quincy Jones and Pharell.

New music that’s good, Gilchrist said, is largely “a gut thing.” First impressions and creativity within the realm of music are important, he said.

“If it’s good, it will definitely show in the music, the singing and the harmonies,” Gilchrist said. “I listen to music as a listener. If I were listening to it on the radio, would I turn it down or turn it up?”

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