September is here. People love the Fall season. Football season, leaves changing, the best weather of the year, and finally the kids are out of the house and going back to school; ahh yes, to me the most wonderful time of the year.

Sorry Christmas, but that’s how I feel. Many might disagree, but it’s my column and I’ll cry if I want to. If we could just do something about the overload of pumpkin spice, that would make the season perfect.

Apart from all of the reasons I listed above, there is a greatness of September that transforms me from an adult to a kid in a candy store. It’s apple season. Living right near Hendersonville, North Carolina, there are a dozen orchards and fresh apples to enjoy. From the gala apples to the honey crisp, from the apple cider donuts to the apple slushies, from the turnovers to the apple cookies, the sight of a local orchard is the apple of my eyes.

I moved to apple country 10 years ago. During apple season, my family went from orchard to orchard, trying the different yummies and seeing “U-Pick” signs. We bought enough apples that we needed a U-haul when they should have a sign that says U-will never eat this many apples.

“Daddy, why would anyone want to pick their own apples when they already have a bag ready to go?” These were the words of my daughter who is much like her daddy in a lot of ways.

I have always wondered the same thing. Time is of the essence to hit all of these places, so why pass up on the opportunity for the orchards to take the work out of it and get us on our way?

My daughter analyzed the situation even further. She had it figured out that to effectively maximize the time, the U-pick was not the way to go. Of course, like most kids, her priorities had nothing to do with her valuable time and had everything to do with maximizing consumption of various slushies and apple cider donuts.

Everyone has their favorite orchard. The art of comparing apple farms is not necessarily apples to apples. My daughter kept notes as to which place had her favorite apples, her favorite sweets, and even her favorite apple salsa. She does this so that we don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

Much like my daughter, I keep lists, notes, and don’t like to waste time. Even if she is now a typical 18-year-old girl that thinks she revolutionized the theory of being always right and having parents that have no sense of reality, she is much like me even if she won’t admit it. I would’ve done the same thing and kept notes when I was her age.

If you think that the apple obsession is a little hard-core, I will assume that you haven’t done an orchard tour and I will pray for you. To those who haven’t experienced this, when you are sitting at home wondering what is wrong and missing in your lives, maybe a trip to the mountains in Western Carolina could’ve prevented it.

So, deciding what to do on a day trip with the family this beautiful fall season? Don’t be a U-pick it kind of person and let me do that for you. Come to the mountains, breathe the mountain air, and enjoy the apples.

As far as the apple not falling far from the tree, trust us on this one. My daughter is always right (or so she thinks), and I am right on this one. Don’t forget that the “I Love Lucy” tribute is coming Oct. 9 to the Abbeville Opera House. Relive the classic scenes and see why this show was voted the No. 1 “I Love Lucy” tribute touring today. Tickets are available at

Mike Elis is a comic emcee and music and comedy promoter. Be sure to tune in to his radio show “The Mike on the Mic” show on WZLA 92.9FM.

Mike Elis is a comic emcee and music and comedy promoter. Be sure to tune in to his radio show “The Mike on the Mic” show on WZLA 92.9FM.