Cleveland is just one of the many mystery pups who’s found himself at the shelter, waiting for that special someone to come along and take him home. He was found at a local car dealership wearing a black collar, but despite how wonderful he is, an owner never came to claim him. Cleveland is a kind, laidback Pit mix with a good heart and a gentle soul. He’s just over a year old, and even though he is still quite young, he tends to be calm rather than overly energetic. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to run and play. He’d be delighted to have a home with a canine companion and fenced-in yard or the opportunity to go on long walks with his new family. Cleveland has boundless love to give and he’s ready to make your family complete! If you’re a lover of tabby cats, Mystery is the one for you. Laid-back Mystery is a handsome 2-year-old “apple-headed” tabby with a fun, flirty personality that any cat lover will immediately appreciate. Mystery was found as a stray, but it’s obvious that he had a home at some point, because he’s so well behaved and loving! He’s an accomplished leg-rubber, full-time talker, and non-stop purrer. He offers as much affection as you can handle, but he also enjoys his own zen quiet time. If a low-maintenance pet is what suits your lifestyle, Mystery is your guy! He is truly one fabulous feline, and he’s hoping your home will soon be his home as well. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by The Harbages for these featured pets through Saturday.