Pets of the Week


Sarge might just be the cutest pup you’ve ever seen. This 5-month-old Terrier/Hound mix has a sunny disposition and loads of energy, and all he wants is someone who will love his adorable goofiness. Because he’s young and spirited, he needs a place where he can run, chase tennis balls, chew on bones, and enjoy the freedom to burn off his puppy energy. He’s always delighted to meet new people and other canines, but he isn’t fond of cats. This lovable boy is sure to melt your heart, especially when he zooms over for a quick snuggle and a few kisses. Schedule an adoption appointment today to meet this irresistible pup. Her ethereal beauty makes her look like she belongs on the cover of a cat magazine, but this gorgeous feline is no diva. Pepper is a lovely 4-year-old tortoiseshell kitty with a thick coat of soft hair that just begs to be petted and brushed. And she won’t turn down such affections either, happily approaching her people in search of cuddles and attention. She loves to be petted and scratched and will reciprocate affection with her gentle head-butts. Other cats are welcome to join her social group, but she seems especially fond of her humans. Swing by PetSmart today to meet this fabulous feline. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Don Ciosek and Bobbie Fulton for these featured pets through Saturday. For your and our employees’ safety, call 864-223-2498 to schedule an appointment for a visit to meet these and other available pets.