ABOVE: If looks alone could get a dog into the movies, then Ryder would be a shoo-in. When he looks at you with his icy blue eyes, you’d swear he’s reading your thoughts. Being a typical Siberian Husky, he is playful and likes to explore. Giving him a lot of attention and interaction is a must if you want this entertaining guy to be happy and be the best “Ryder” he can be. Don’t let his handsome good looks lure you in. Be sure you’re up to Husky energy. BELOW: The name “Simon” derives from the Hebrew meaning “listen” or “hearing.” This Simon doesn’t listen at all. He is all boy and loves to play hard, but also cuddle hard. He had a decent-sized wound on his neck when he arrived at the shelter. Probably somebody warned him, “Don’t mess with that knife,” and he didn’t listen. It has healed up very well and is original showroom gorgeous again. Come visit Simon to see if he’s a fit for your life. Inn on the Square is sponsoring the adoption fees for these featured pets through Saturday. Visit the shelter from noon to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, at 2820 Airport Road in Greenwood to meet these and other available pets.