Two-year-old Gina is as sweet as cookies and cream. Her coat is black with swirls of white, and her laid-back demeanor makes her an ideal companion. She’s calm and reserved but still playful, and her affection is always readily available to everyone. Gina can be a little timid at times, so she’d feel the most comfortable in a quieter home, and, while she enjoys the company of other dogs, she’d prefer a canine friend that is laid back like her. This lovely lady walks well on a leash and is 100% house-trained. A quiet look from her soulful brown eyes and you instantly know that everything is alright, and that is a gift that is priceless, just like her. Delilah is one gorgeous kitty! With her beautiful tortoiseshell coat and striking green eyes, how could you not be drawn to her? But the best part is her personality. This snuggle bug loves attention and would happily lie in your lap all day long; but being only 1 year old, she still has a playful side. Delilah had a litter of kittens with her when she arrived at the shelter, which she lovingly and attentively raised. They’re all grown up now, so it’s Delilah’s turn to be doted on and pampered. Come meet this sweet kitty today. You won’t be disappointed. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Edgerley Pest Control for these featured pets through Saturday.