What is a young dog to do when he finds himself lost and alone in this big, wide world? First things first, he must keep his spirits high. Tank’s got that part covered because even though 9 months old seems awfully young to be on your own, he has a constant smile on his face. The next step on the journey to find a new home is making new friends along the way. Good thing that Tank doesn’t have any idea what the word stranger means. New faces mean new friends, and making new human and canine friends comes naturally to this pup. A higher energy dog with a spring in his step, Tank would fit in perfectly with an active home with older children or other dogs to play with. Tank knows all the steps to finding his way in the world, and he’s hoping he can find his way into your home as well. Goose stays in his hidey-hole in his kennel for the majority of the day, curled up so tightly that you often don’t know he’s there. He and his six other feline housemates were removed from their home and surrendered to the shelter, which would be upsetting for any pet. But through all the stress and uncertainty that this kitty has faced, Goose has never once mustered the slightest hiss or raised his paw in fear. He is only 2-years-old, but he has the gentlest soul you will ever find, allowing you to pick him up and handle him without a mew of complaint. He enjoys attention and visibly relaxes when you pet him, leaning into your touch and giving you a glimpse of how sweet he truly is. Goose is a remarkably loving and forgiving feline who is longing to find a family who will love him and give him time to settle into his new surroundings. He deserves for his dreams to come true, and a forever family is all this wonderful cat desires. For your and our employees’ safety, call 864-223-2498 to schedule an appointment for a visit to meet these and other available pets.