Vera is determined to prove that Pit Bulls are actually the sweetest dogs ever. Vera is a small 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality. She has an easy-going, gentle disposition and a great big heart. She’s on the lower end of the energy spectrum, but she still appreciates walks and outside playtime. Vera gets along with most other pups, but it’s a human’s heart she’s out to charm. Vera knows that there is a loving family out in the great big world that needs her to fill their hearts with the love only her kind eyes and happy wags can provide. Veeta is a gorgeous 2-year-old calico who was surrendered to us after she became pregnant. Her kittens were born soon after she arrived, and she raised them lovingly and with the utmost care. Now that her kittens are of adoption age, Veeta is ready to resume her life as a housecat. She is bashful at first, but it only takes a few moments of affection for her to warm right up and cuddle into a friendly embrace. Veeta may still be young, but she has a kind and quiet spirit, and she is hoping for a calm home that matches her personality. She is waiting for the right person to welcome her into her forever home, and she is ready to start her new life today. For now, she is curled up in her cat bed, dreaming of a warm happy home to fill with love. Visit her to see if your family could make her dreams come true. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by The Harbages for these featured pets through Saturday.