Greenwood police -- tighter crop

Car seats make the difference between life and death in some wrecks, and Greenwood police will be hosting a drive-thru car seat check Saturday to teach people how to safely secure their children's car seats.

The drive-thru check and installation class will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Greenwood County Library.

"You'd be surprised how many tickets I write because a child isn't properly restrained," said Greenwood Police Sgt. Brandon White. "Sometimes people are in a rush, sometimes they just don't know — car seats have gotten pretty complicated."

White is a certified safety seat technician, which means he took a four-day class through the Safe Kids Coalition, which works with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. White said whenever he has to write a ticket for a safety seat infraction, he gives people the chance to get the ticket dismissed by coming to a class where he'll teach them the proper way to fasten a child safety seat.

It's not just a demonstration, he said. Participants will bring their own car seats and learn to fasten them correctly and will have to show they know how so they can teach any other person who might watch over their child.

"I'm hoping the rain will hold out on Saturday, but if not I'll still be out there in a raincoat," White said.