Hi everybody. My name is Olivia Jordan-Higgins, and I am from the small Island of Jersey, in the UK. For all you avid golf fans, this is also where six-time British Open Champion, Harry Vardon, is from.

I now reside in Charleston when I am not traveling on tour.

I first moved here to attend Charleston Southern University in 2006. I turned professional in 2011, and haven't looked back since. I've had a number of successful seasons, with a couple of wins, and I am hoping 2015 is going to be my breakthrough year.

When I first heard we were having a tournament in South Carolina, I was very excited as this state is very close to my heart and it was nice to be able to play close to home.

Of course I knew what to expect in terms of hospitality, and I was not let down. The Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women's Health Classic was a top-class event and I cannot wait to return to Greenwood.

But, for now, my focus is on the first few events of the year.

This is officially my last week of offseason and I am hungrier and more ready than I have ever been. I've worked really hard both physically and mentally to get ready for the 2015 season and I believe it's going to pay off for me this year. My physical focus has been on stamina and becoming stronger. I have a trainer who works specifically on exercises that have made my golf swing more powerful and efficient.

Making my swing more powerful is not necessarily to gain more distance, although this has happened. It is about making my ball striking more solid and consistent. I also want to have the same amount energy hitting my tee shot on the first hole, as I do hitting my final shot onto the 18th green.

By making my body as strong as possible, my swing becomes more effortless. I also go to cardio boxing classes three to four times a week, which have really improved both my stamina and core work. This again is to allow me to have a consistent amount of energy throughout the whole round, and core strength is always very important for golfers.

I've particularly enjoyed doing this, as it is something fun that I can do outside of golf. With golf being my job, I believe it's important to have something different that I can do away from the golf course but this also combines my fitness -so that's a bonus!

I'm a person who is known for trying too hard and putting too much pressure on myself when it comes to being successful, and unfortunately, these attributes can be detrimental to my golf game. So during this offseason, I have tried to take a new perspective on golf to remind myself that it is only a game and I am very blessed to be able to do what I do. This has been my main focus in regards to my mental game, along with imagery and meditation.

With this being the final week of preparation, I have tried to play as much as I can. Offseason is the time to make swing changes and work on certain things, but as we are approaching competition time, I have tried to replicate tournament situations as much as possible to try and be mentally ready to play. In recent years, I have gotten off to a slow start and that is just due to rust and lack of tournament play. So this year, I decided to switch up my preparations.

Fingers crossed it works!

I just cannot wait to be competing again. There is really nothing I love more than playing golf, and having the potential to win. I look forward to seeing what the first couple of events bring. I hope you all tune into live scoring to see who gets off to a quick start this season!

Olivia Jordan-Higgins plays on the LPGA Symetra Tour and will be in the Self

Regional Healthcare Foundation Women's Health Classic on May 4-10 at The

Links at Stoney Point.