Lake Greenwood

Bass: Veteran tournament angler Stan Gunter of Greenwood reports that in October bass fishing should continue to improve on Lake Greenwood, and most of the best fishing will be found in shallow water. Fish will move progressively further into the creeks where Shad Raps and lipless crankbaits will work, and by the end of the month there should be schooling activity.

Lake Russell

Bass: Guide Jerry Kotal (706-988-0860) reports that in October bass will normally be caught on the bottom in deep water in both the main lake and creeks. In addition to live bait they should take drop shot rigs and jigging spoons.

Striped bass: Guide Wendell Wilson (706-283-3336) reports that in October fish are traditionally very scattered, but they should start to leave the ends of the lake and move back towards the middle of the lake. Both free-lines and down-lines should catch fish if striper can be located.

Crappie: Guide Wendell Wilson reports that October is often one of the very best months for Lake Russell crappie. Fish can be caught in the creeks around brush as well as long-line trolling in mid-depths, and both jigs and minnows should catch fish.

Catfish: Guide Jerry Kotal reports that this is not generally a month when he targets catfish very much, but he does pick some up on jigging spoons while fishing for bass. Catfish can be targeted with cut herring fished on the bottom around schools of bait.

Lake Thurmond

Bass: Tournament angler Josh Rockefeller reports that in October schooling action should be widespread on Lake Thurmond, and there should also be a lot of fish moving back into the creeks. Topwater lures that imitate shad and herring will work well until it gets really cool, and then a squarebill crankbait will be hard to beat. You can usually still catch fish on a buzzbait in the first part of the month but as the fall progresses that gets less effective.

Striper and hybrids: William Sasser Guide Service (706-589-5468) reports that if and when the weather breaks, in October fish will start to head towards the mouths of creeks and possibly back into them. There should be good schooling activity and fish should generally be in the top of the water column, although down-line fishing should still be effective.

Crappie: William Sasser Guide Service reports that in October fish will likely gang up around mid-depth brush piles and submerged timber. Generally creeks in the middle and upper part of the lake will fish best, and crappie will eat minnows or jigs.

Catfish: Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that the last three months of the year are the most consistent time to catch a big catfish on Lake Thurmond, with the big fish bite kicking off in October. Anchoring on deep structure is about the most consistent way to catch large blue catfish this month. The creeks can be good depending on whether bait has moved into them, and cut gizzard shad and white perch are hard to beat for the bigger fish. Flatheads will be in the same areas and fishing with live bait increases your chances of tangling with one.