0207 Jarena Byers

Front row, from left, are Regina Byers, Jarena Byers and James Byers. Back row, from left, are Dixie athletic director Frank Brown, Brenda Byers, Jaren Byers, Mickie Ellis, Lori Brewton, Ashlyn Cann and Cameron Meadows.

DUE WEST — Dixie volleyball player Jarena Byers moved toward accomplishing a long-held dream of playing college volleyball Wednesday when she signed with Spartanburg Methodist College’s volleyball program.

“It’s a dream come true,” Byers said. “Honestly I’ve been wanting to do this since I started playing volleyball when I was in sixth grade.”

Byers played as a libero for Dixie. She fulfilled the team’s defensive duties and passed along to other players.

Dixie coach Ashlyn Cann said she was proud of Byers for achieving her goal.

“She’s played a big part, because she primarily focused on passing and you have to focus on passing to run a good offense,” Cann said. “We’ve got some players coming up and she has set a good example for them. They’ve got big shoes to fill but they’ll be able to fill them because of her example.”

Dixie made it to the state championship during Byers’ junior year. The Hornets progressed to the Upper State championship last fall.