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The Index-Journal has been owned by Greenwood families since it was founded on February 6, 1919.

The paper’s original owner was Harry L. Watson, who was also editor and publisher for more than 50 years. The business began operations on Maxwell Avenue on the second floor above a movie theater. The printing press was on a dirt floor on the first level.

When Watson died, his daughters inherited the paper, where they worked as writers. Longtime Greenwood residents especially remember Margaret, who often smoked a pipe while she typed her stories for the newspaper.

In 1957, the Watson sisters wanted to sell the business, but insisted it be sold to Greenwood residents. The paper was bought by three men who had been employed by the newspaper for years: R. Frank Mundy, business manager; William W. Wilson, advertising director; and J. Ed Chaffin, editor. The new owners had a business arrangement which stated after the death of one, the survivors had the option of buying the shares of the deceased. Wilson died first, then Chaffin, and Frank Mundy became the sole owner and publisher in 1977 until his death in 1982.

Mundy’s widow, Eleanor Metts Mundy, succeeded him as publisher, and their only child, Judith (Judi) Mundy Burns, was named president. After Mrs. Mundy’s death in 1998, Judi became president and publisher, the positions she held until her death in August 2019. Her daughters, who also work at the newspaper, have assumed new roles. Eleanor Mundy Burns Price has succeeded her mother as president and publisher while St. Claire Burns Donaghy serves as vice president and secretary. Donaghy is also a writer contributing features for the paper, special sections and SO Lakelands magazine. Price maintains her role as director of community relations and oversees the paper's weekly hyper-local newspaper, Lakelands Connector, as well as its SO Lakelands magazines. Their sister, Alison Mundy Burns-Parham, is a shareholder.


In all of South Carolina there are 16 daily newspapers. Only three of them are family-owned. The Index-Journal, owned by the Burns family members, is one of them. The remaining 13 South Carolina dailies are owned by large media corporations whose corporate headquarters are located out of this state.


The Index-Journal has been located at 610 Phoenix St. since 1962. The newspaper is published seven mornings a week.

The Index-Journal employs nearly 52 full- and part-time people. The newspaper goes to press around midnight every 24 hours, which means many employees are “night owls” who are working while most area residents sleep. Our online component, indexjournal.com, is updated continually with breaking news. Newsroom staff members also frequently post news updates on social media. The daily newspaper is a living history of news of Greenwood, surrounding counties, and the world. The Index-Journal has a staff that is dedicated to keeping area readers informed.


In addition to the daily, printed newspaper, the Index-Journal Company also publishes the following:

The Index Journal Website

Money Pages Magazine

Lakelands Connector

A number of themed special sections published throughout the year including SO Lakelands, Outdoors, Senior Living, Home & Garden, Area Football, Small Business and more. Special Sections are located in the Special Section on the website.