If there is one man around Greenwood who can raise a ruckus, and do so with an entrepreneurial flair, it’s Karl Ziegler.

Karl literally raised a Ruckus from the ground up. You see, that’s the name of his business. You’ve probably seen plenty of his work and didn’t even realize it. Think back to the old days when we had concerts and stadium-filled sporting events. Remember those days? OK, do you remember seeing those special badges worn by workers or, in some cases, badge holders attending? Good. Chances are, then, that you were seeing work produced by Ziegler and his company.

Badges, security entry cards, ticketholders and lanyards. Yep. All those things and more coming out of lil ole Greenwood.

So, what about when COVID-19 hit and raised its own ruckus? Did Karl have to go to work at IHOP to make ends meet? No, and it’s a good thing since that restaurant seems to have turned into ISTOP.

Karl took a look at what was going on in the pandemic world surrounding him, and just as other businesses found a way to adapt to a PPE world, so did he. With a few machining modifications and the like, he started cranking out all sorts of things that are meant to help people survive these COVID Days.

Yes, that includes face masks and those other things that are sorta like a turtleneck, scarf, headband, hoodie, hair tieback and full-face covering device all in one. Oh, they have a name. Gaiter.

Speaking of face masks — and he’s got a variety pack to choose from in all sorts of colors, flavors and logo-ability — not every face or head is built alike. Have you ever put on the mask, looked in the mirror and felt like you were a character in a Disney movie? Yes. Dumbo. Well, here again, he came up with a device made from the same plastic he uses for many of his other products. They don’t have a fancy name, like Gaiter. Nope. They’re simply called EarSaver. And they can be customized to, so the person behind you can know your initials or your company name. Sheer genius, I tell you. A piece of plastic with “wings,” if you will, that allow the wearer to clip the ear elastic straps of a mask where they give the most comfort. No more Dumbo look.

And lanyards are not just lanyards anymore.

As you might have read in an earlier edition of the IJ, turns out the county is now getting more than its fair share of face masks trashing our environment. In many cases, it’s sheer laziness, just as is the case with our overall trash situation here. But in some cases, it might be because someone did not properly secure their mask when they did not have to actually wear it. Well, the double-clipped lanyard comes to the rescue.

Again, no fancy name. Just Face Mask Hanger for this piece of PPE. Simply clip the ends to the earpieces of the mask and pretty soon you’ll become a mask aficionado. You’ll look stylish with your mask hanging in front of you, safe from dirty surfaces where you might forget it anyway. No more return trips to the car when you realize you’re about to enter a store maskless. Yes, the hangers can be customized as well.

Something else that kaught Karl’s keen and krafty — yes, spelled that way on purpose, so move along — eye is in the EDC realm. No, not talking about those discreet mailings you see advertised under the name “Roman.” EDC stands for Everyday Carry. Don’t ask me why it’s not called EC in that case. Karl said it’s all EDC gear.

OK, so what the heck is it? Think keys, wallet, cellphone and other essentials we all typically have on us, in our pockets, in our pocketbooks, in our man purses or whatever when we leave the house. Got it?

OK, now think about COVID-19 and how, if you’ve been real OCD about it, you are going through bottles of hand sanitizer like a sailor goes through beer when on shore leave. Or something like that. Just think of all the door handles you’ve touched, the keypads you’ve entered your credit or debit card info into, the gas pump keypads you’ve touched, the elevator buttons you’ve pushed. OK, maybe not that many elevators in the Lakelands, but you get the idea. Nasty, right?

Well, that’s where Karl’s Touch Free EDC comes into play. I’ll let him know he needs a hyphen between Touch and Free, but these things are cool. They are EDC because they can fit on your key ring. Just put your finger through the loop, sorta like a trigger guard, and use it like a pointer. The end allows you to bang out your credit card PIN like a pro without touching where who knows who last touched. The end also has an extension that allows you to pull a door handle. It’s not great for doorknobs, but terrific for standard retail store doors.

Yes, customizable. Did you have to ask? But here’s a really cool thing about one of the models. The loop has add-on metal inside that conveniently converts the Touch Free EDC into a bottle opener. That’s the premium model, perfect for opening a Corona, and is machined from solid brass which, Karl said, maintains antimicrobial properties for life. The other model won’t open bottles and is brushed aluminum. Not antimicrobial, but still better than touching those keypads and doors.

So, with the pandemic hardly gone and with some events eventually returning, it looks like Karl will be raising even more of a ruckus than ever. Check it out at info@ruckusandco.com

And if you see me out wearing a Nissan lanyard, a mask that reads “Namaste Six Feet Away” or a wicking gaiter with “R” on it while pushing keypads or opening a bottle with a brass gadget, you’ll know that I know firsthand that this stuff works.

Whiting is executive editor of the Index-Journal. Contact him at 864-943-2522; email rwhiting@indexjournal.com, or follow him on Twitter @IJEDITOR. Views expressed in this column are those of the writer only and do not represent the newspaper’s opinion.