Something rather cool is brewing over at Good Times.

The Maxwell Avenue brewery has some great beers on tap, but it’s not the beer I’m talking about. Instead, it is a concept they cooked up to help drive support of local businesses. In fact, it’s called Local Business Bingo and is basically an extension of the #teamgreenwood effort that kicked into gear when the pandemic wave essentially closed down bars and restaurants.

Josh Curry, general manager of the restaurant side, The Mill House, told me about this last week. Knowing how popular our Index-Journal bingo games have been the past few years, I was curious how a brewery would stir up interest in a game of bingo. Well, they succeeded.

This coming week, Josh hopes the bingo cards will be printed and ready for folks to pick up ahead of Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping rush. You don’t have to buy the card or even spend a dime at either establishment.

You will, however, need to do some holiday shopping locally. Area businesses’ names are printed on the squares of the card. All you have to do is visit the stores, buy something, get your card stamped and fill it up. When you do, you can stop by Good Times, turn in your card and get a pint. On the house.

None of the participating businesses were asked to pony up anything to be included. They don’t pay for the cards and don’t even have to pay for the stamps that will be used to mark the cards after purchases are made.

OK, so what’s the hitch? What’s in it for Good Times? Really, nothing. They get no kickback from the retailers. If anything, it’s costing Good Times the expenses for the cards and stamps, along with whatever number of pints they wind up pouring for free.

Simply put, it’s an effort to again rally behind local business.

“For example, don’t buy something off Amazon for your kids when you can buy it at Sweet Tea’s,” Josh said. “Don’t buy Dad a shirt from a big box when you can go to David Lindsey’s, etc.”

See, that’s just so Greenwood typical, you know? And that’s just part of what makes Greenwood such a great place. Not a perfect place; there is no Utopia. It’s just that this community seems to know when and how to rally for each other without being self-serving in the process.

Maybe enough folks will play bingo, not so much because they long for a good Good Times pint but rather because they too recognize the importance of supporting locally owned businesses.

Even if you don’t fill out the card completely, see what you can do. Then, even if it’s not on the house because you did not fill the entire card, treat yourself to a home brew at Good Times. You’ll feel good about what you did and buying your own pint will let Josh and the others know you appreciate what they did to support #teamgreenwood.

Merry Local Christmas, y’all.

Whiting is executive editor of the Index-Journal. Contact him at 864-943-2522; email, or follow him on Twitter @IJEDITOR. Views expressed in this column are those of the writer only and do not represent the newspaper’s opinion.