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Set aside political differences for now, please. This is not about politics; it’s about a person, but one who happens to have had a long political ride — for now, at least — on Tuesday.

Anyone who’s followed the IJ for a few years — maybe not our full 101 years, mind you — knows we will weigh in on various issues, usually local or state ones, but when Election Day rolls around we tend to steer clear of endorsing candidates.

There’s just something about a good radio voice. Sunny 103.5’s Dave Fezler has one of those radio voices that grabs your attention and can make you hang onto every word. The tone. The baritone, in his case. The intonation. The inflection.

Note: This column was originally published in the most recent edition of our So Lakelands magazine. Fellow columnist Chris Trainor, a regular contributor to So, was inadvertently credited with writing this too. We surely don’t want anyone being misled and think, “Gosh, Chris. You usually do …