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Ask anyone who’s worked in a newspaper newsroom for any length of time about their highs and lows and you’ll get about as many answers as there are — make that were — daily newspapers in the country.

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Years, ago, when working at the Florence Morning News — no, not Florence, Italy, although that would have been nice, especially in pre-COVID-19 years — we had a few standard newsroom meetings. There were the daily check-in meetings to ensure all stories were on track for the next day, plus t…

Yes, for the newspaper’s opinion I’ve written — even again today — to urge our fine Southern gentleman of a guvna to take the gloves off and get tougher with us independent cusses who just won’t abide by the wisdom of social distancing and hand-washing.

Most of the news team at the Index-Journal has been gathering and writing stories while bunkered in their homes. That began Wednesday. A few have, out of need, ventured out to gather stories and photos. Yes, at a safe distance and while practicing the recommended health safety measures.

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Syndicated columnist Jim Mullen recently notified newspapers he was hanging up his weekly column. The good news is he intends to knock out a book or two, something likely easier to do without the deadline of a weekly column hovering over the shoulder.

My musical talent essentially begins with loosely being able to maintain a beat and some singing ability that my fellow thespians claim is perfectly fine though not perfect. I think they say that because no one else got the particular roles I was assigned. The show must go on.

Are you tied down by those special occasion dates that Hallmark and jewelry stores foisted upon us? You remember Hallmark, right? It was a card company before it morphed into a sappy TV channel when the internet nearly destroyed the greeting card industry. Oh, and the restaurant industry got…