Lonesomeness, another earthly plague

The COVID-19 virus was and is a pest and health hazard.

Nursing homes have always been a lonely place for the elderly. Older folks, for the most part, have few visitors. This health hazard isn’t confined to the elderly. People are homebound because of the coronavirus. This affects all ages.

Folks shy away from contact, even with relatives. But love is the focal point for us to survive. When we back away from showing affection, we are helping eliminate mankind’s very reason for survival. A coldness has set in. We only have the present; the past can’t be recalled and future events are yet to come.

Don’t be fooled by someone’s appearance. They might be smiling on the outside and crying inwardly. The gentle touch of an honest human being may make someone’s day brighter.

How would I know about being lonely? There hasn’t been much I haven’t encountered. People in all walks of society would be eager for even crumbs of caring to brighten their outlook. Suicides have risen drastically among teens. They so often feel alone and left out.

The rich and famous are well known to this monster, loneliness. The phrase “reach out and touch someone” has all but lost its meaning. COVID-19 added a plus to it. Many of us had rather die from an illness than to feel isolated.

We should exercise caution to any body-destroying disease. Even animals group together. When some are wounded or annihilated they pause before moving on. Maybe soon these early plagues will diminish and we can do likewise.


Ninety Six