Vigilance is the cost of freedom. We pay that cost by community service, with our votes and with our faith.

The best vigilance, it seems to me, is bipartisan. I am proud to count as my friends those who have voted differently from me — proud that we still talk. That is why sending Floyd Nicholson back to the state Senate helps ensure freedom. I have seen him arm-in-arm with Greenwood Republican activists. Furthermore, when Republican Sen. Billy O’Dell was serving, Sen. Nicholson and he shared an office.

Sen. Nicholson’s opponent distills his campaign as follows: “pro-God, pro-jobs, pro-life, pro-Trump.” Curiously, Sen. Nicholson agrees on the first three. His deep faith shows in everything he does. His work on the Senate Finance Committee brings jobs to District 10. (Last week, an Ag-Pro employee told me that Sen. Nicholson had worked wonders for Upstate farmers.)

Anyone who attended Greenwood’s Inter-Faith Rally — put on by local churches — will remember how Sen. Nicholson called on Abbeville and Greenwood communities to rally to prevent the loss of life among young men because of gun violence. He is pro-life, not merely pro-birth.

I put my faith in — have placed my vote for — Sen. Nicholson. He has heard and felt bullets fly past, thus experiencing and surviving gun violence. He has coached and counseled hundreds of young people, and he has helped revitalize downtown Greenwood.

A phrase by Pam Stone exemplifies Sen. Floyd Nicholson’s many endeavors: he demonstrates “the tenacity of dignity, courage and faith.”