Why are you printing Associated Press articles that are unfactual or partially factual? Articles in question, "Officer charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shooting" and "polls on police violence" are in the June 18 edition.

Not only are you race baiting, you are inciting more hatred toward police! The "officer" article states only partial truths. If anyone has seen the video of these two officers trying to arrest this Black man, everyone, except biased groups, would agree this Black man fought these police officers, throwing punches, wrestling the officers to the ground and then taking the taser from the officer and firing it at them. 

This article says, "Rayshard Brooks was not a deadly threat, that officers stood on his shoulder and offered no medical treatment for two whole minutes." Two minutes is not a long time to get to him, make sure he is no longer a threat and then call for medical assistance! The article clearly does not match up with the video!

The poll article states, "about half of American adults now say police violence against the public is a "very" or "extremely" serious problem. Ask yourselves, "Where did these polls come from?"

They must have polled Antifa looters, rioters, CHAZ citizens and prison inmates! Law-abiding citizens don't get arrested or receive perceived police brutality.

You are helping to create a lawless society and persuading unbiased citizens to think a certain way by printing these articles.