Likens John McCravy

to four-leaf clover

When I was a young boy I would search through our yard for the very rare variation of the common three-leaf clover known as the “lucky leaf,” or four-leaf clover.

It seemed like four-leaf clovers were one in a million. As a registered voter in the Lakelands area of South Carolina I look for political candidates that share my biblical world view. The search is often hard and discouraging.

I am thankful that I ran across District 13 Representative John R. McCravy III. Representative McCravy, like the “lucky leaf,” is a rare find. Representative McCravy supports the Bible’s teaching on the sanctity of life, family, the rule of law and many other issues that are important to me. Through the years I have had several conversations with Representative McCravy and he continues to impress me with his wisdom and integrity.

If you are a registered voter in District 13 (Greenwood County), I ask that you join me as I proudly cast my vote for Representative John R. McCravy III on Nov. 3.



Garrett’s police support

garners voter support

I have known Billy Garrett for more years than I care to remember. I have developed an admiration for Billy over the years.

As a retired major, 29-year veteran with the Greenwood Police Department I have watched Billy develop into an excellent lawyer. I appreciate his strong support for our police department.

Billy taught the “Street Law Program” for our youth in the 1990s that helped disadvantaged juveniles see our police department in a positive light.

Although a tough and worthy advocate for his clients, Billy never disrespected our police officers and, in fact, made us better officers by sharing case law and explaining the intricate details of the criminal law to us, helping us better understand stop, search and seizure laws.

Billy Garrett backs the Blue. As our senator, he will continue to be a strong advocate for our officers and their families. He will not allow a defunding of the police or a “reallocation” of police funds to other departments. He supports spouses of officers killed in the line of duty to be exempt from state income taxes for life. I proudly support Billy Garrett to be our senator for Senate District 10.



Candidates focus on ideas, not on ideology

I have had the absolute honor of getting to personally know a few of our candidates who are running for office: Floyd Nicholson, Jose Villa, Anne Parks, Denise Waldrep and Matthew Miller.

I am overwhelmed in admiration for the civility, the intelligence and creative solution-finding they have shown these past few months. In a political environment that has only grown more poisonous these past four years, they have remained positive, focusing on their ideas and accomplishments, refusing to dive into the political muck that turns so many people off.

And that to me is the biggest differentiator: Ideas over ideology. Ideas will bring affordable and accessible health care to more people. Ideas will free our best minds and entrepreneurs to grow our economy and solve global problems. Ideas will bring about equal treatment and opportunity for all of us and not just for the privileged few. Ideas will enable our educators to teach and our students to learn.

Ideology will do none of that.

As you make your choice this November, please take the time to listen to the ideas proposed by the candidates and select those who will work on solutions that bring about the greatest benefit to the most people.



Writes to support

Nicholson’s reelection

Vigilance is the cost of freedom. We pay that cost by community service, with our votes and with our faith.

The best vigilance, it seems to me, is bipartisan. I am proud to count as my friends those who have voted differently from me — proud that we still talk. That is why sending Floyd Nicholson back to the state Senate helps ensure freedom. I have seen him arm-in-arm with Greenwood Republican activists. Furthermore, when Republican Sen. Billy O’Dell was serving, Sen. Nicholson and he shared an office.

Sen. Nicholson’s opponent distills his campaign as follows: “pro-God, pro-jobs, pro-life, pro-Trump.” Curiously, Sen. Nicholson agrees on the first three. His deep faith shows in everything he does. His work on the Senate Finance Committee brings jobs to District 10. (Last week, an Ag-Pro employee told me that Sen. Nicholson had worked wonders for Upstate farmers.)

Anyone who attended Greenwood’s Inter-Faith Rally — put on by local churches — will remember how Sen. Nicholson called on Abbeville and Greenwood communities to rally to prevent the loss of life among young men because of gun violence. He is pro-life, not merely pro-birth.

I put my faith in — have placed my vote for — Sen. Nicholson. He has heard and felt bullets fly past, thus experiencing and surviving gun violence. He has coached and counseled hundreds of young people, and he has helped revitalize downtown Greenwood.

A phrase by Pam Stone exemplifies Sen. Floyd Nicholson’s many endeavors: he demonstrates “the tenacity of dignity, courage and faith.”



Mayor touts benefits

of local options sales tax

Have you seen the signs for BOOST around Greenwood County? BOOST is the name given to the only referendum on your ballot.

BOOST is a property tax reduction initiative utilized in 32 of the state’s 46 counties. Under state law, 71% of money collected from this 1% sales tax must go to reduce your property taxes on any real and personal property assessed on a county and town level. The remaining amount will go to local governments to improve services that Greenwood County deserves.

I invite you to go to and use the calculator to determine how much you will save. A City of Greenwood resident with a $100,000 home and $15,000 vehicle would see a total property tax reduction of $332. For perspective, that resident would have to spend $33,000-plus on retail items yearly for this initiative not to make financial sense. Fortunately, lower income residents are protected, as EBT is exempted from the 1% tax.

Greenwood is the hub of the seven-county Lakelands area. Five of the six counties that surround us enjoy lower property taxes as a result of having passed this referendum. We estimate that around one-third of the money generated will be paid by visitors to Greenwood County.

I ran for mayor to keep Greenwood competitive and give our public safety officers the resources necessary to keep us safe. BOOST is the most conservative way to make that a reality and diversify revenue in a city where nearly 40% of property is tax exempt.



Touts John McCravy

for high standards

I support Rep. John McCravy for South Carolina State House. I find him to be intelligent and trustworthy as well as energetic in carrying out his duties as our state representative.

John believes in the highest ethical standards. He is an effective advocate for religious freedom, first responders and veterans. John will fight to lower your taxes. John supports our teachers and education.

He is a family man and believes He is a family man. He believes in the sanctity of life. Please join me in voting for John McCravy for South Carolina State House.