In 2016, against all odds, God gave us a president who accomplished unprecedented values for our country. He never took a salary, put his best effort forth for America and its people.

Nov 3. election, the left knew they needed a win no matter the means to accomplish it. No one will ever convince me Biden won the election. The left now has an agenda to make us their puppets, seize all our freedoms. It will be like a category 5 hurricane followed by a tsunami. Enough said about an administration who has leftist, socialist agendas to destroy America.

Unreal is Biden's bid for unity while he tears the country apart for his "Green Deal," destroying more jobs than with the Keystone Pipeline. Maybe pigeons will deliver our food. The unconstitutional impeachment of a private citizen? Yep, that"s a cry for unity.

The Bible says wicked, sinful men are breathtakingly arrogant to claim only their desires and agenda.