I believe God is in control of everything in this world. I believe God keeps His eye on America more than most countries because our nation was founded on Christian principles.

I believe God is very disappointed and frustrated with the moral direction our country has taken over the last several decades.

I believe God hates legalized abortion and same-sex marriages. He also hates our nation’s immoral entertainment, its idolization of sports and its vulgar and profane language.

I believe God put an arrogant and forceful Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 to shake things up and at least reshape the U.S. Supreme Court.

I believe God allowed the destructive hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, out-of-control forest fires in the West and a national pandemic in 2020.

I believe God permitted this misery for two reasons: the nation’s continuing slide into a great swamp of immorality and the increasing rejection of Him with each passing year.

I believe God is also warning America to repent before it is too late. He is coming back soon.