I have known Billy Garrett for more years than I care to remember. I have developed an admiration for Billy over the years.

As a retired major, 29-year veteran with the Greenwood Police Department I have watched Billy develop into an excellent lawyer. I appreciate his strong support for our police department.

Billy taught the “Street Law Program” for our youth in the 1990s that helped disadvantaged juveniles see our police department in a positive light.

Although a tough and worthy advocate for his clients, Billy never disrespected our police officers and, in fact, made us better officers by sharing case law and explaining the intricate details of the criminal law to us, helping us better understand stop, search and seizure laws.

Billy Garrett backs the Blue. As our senator, he will continue to be a strong advocate for our officers and their families. He will not allow a defunding of the police or a “reallocation” of police funds to other departments. He supports spouses of officers killed in the line of duty to be exempt from state income taxes for life. I proudly support Billy Garrett to be our senator for Senate District 10.