Destruction of Iran’s cultural sites wrong

If President Trump orders strikes against Iran’s ancient, irreplaceable cultural sites it will be a grave mistake. Even his threats to do so is irresponsible as it exacerbates ill feelings of the Iranian people against America.

I’ve heard Trump speak about how we respect and love the Iranian people, so why would he make such an idiotic threat? I served in Iran with the Air Force when we had great relations (1977-78), training their Air Force how to maintain aircraft our country sold to them. I’ve been to the ancient ruins of Persepolis from where the Persian Empire ruled thousands of years ago. My buddies went to Susa to view the grave of Daniel who wrote a book in the Bible. These are sites of incalculable value to mankind. Perhaps one day many Americans will get a chance to see them. Remember, we’re now great friends with our bitter enemies of WWII, Germany and Japan.

It’s against international law to desecrate national cultural sites, and the U.S. harshly criticized ISIS for destroying priceless cultural artifacts in Iraq and Syria. If we do the same, it puts our cultural sites in extreme danger.

To his credit, the U.S. Secretary of Defense stated that the “U.S. will follow international laws.” If a military person gets an order to destroy Iranian cultural sites, I’m sure their discipline and personal integrity will guide them to disobey a clearly illegal order. While I agree with killing Iranian terrorists, Trump should be ashamed of embarrassing our nation by issuing these threats.