The elite have nearly completed their agenda against humanity and the world. HIV killed 36 million, Hong Kong Flu in 1968, 1 million; Asian Flu 1956-58, 2 million. And had none of the impact COVID-19 is having. It appears COVID-19 is an agenda by the elite and globalists starting in China where 80-90% of our meds and supplies come from and spreading at such a rapid rate worldwide is nearly unfathomable.

This evil, satanic agenda appears to be not only against society, but a president whom they hate with a vengeance. And to destroy us economically. Next may be martial law. This satanic agenda will not stop until they have accomplished control of the world food, water, meds, medical care, etc.

But a ray of sunshine: There is a God, He is in control and His word is being fulfilled. There will be no peace until Jesus returns. Thanks to a loving merciful God, He gives us a choice to choose Him or evil. He will prevail and judge all. The choice is yours where you will spend eternity.

The elite care nothing about any of us. They control the media, so use your common sense.