I’ve attended all American Legion Post 20 home baseball games this year.  Sadly, I don’t see many new faces at each game. When will Post 20 be supported by this community? They have done a superb job of finding sponsorships for this season. I am not sure why we can’t get behind this team of …

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Kudos to Steve Coleman for his youth leadership in the MODELS Academy program and to the Rev. Kim Martin for her insightful and courageous assessment of the problems contributing to the death of young black men in our community today.

It really saddens me to see so much emphasis placed on alcohol consumption at our Festival of Flowers event. A wine walk, a beer garden? What are we teaching our children? Do you read all the alcohol-related arrest reports?

We were surprised to read, on the front page of the Index-Journal (with a spillover no less), the details of the recent transition of priests at our small Catholic parish in Abbeville. Most felt, since there was nothing newsworthy, that it would have been assigned to an entertainment segment…

Agrees with editorial on naming policies

On April 25, my husband called me. I could tell something was wrong. He was in the car line at Emerald High School to pick up our grandchildren. He said I to take him to the emergency room when they got home. This was coming from a man that I have to drag to the doctor once a year.

Don’t our elected national supposed legislators have anything better to do than have a televised marathon reading of the Mueller report at the Capitol? Infrastructure, immigration laws, education shortfalls, etc., come to mind.

Life itself is short. There are many who are questioning its values. So many people are trying to blame suicides on drug overdoses; however, many are harming themselves.