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As a lifelong resident of Greenwood County, I am disgusted with the efforts of the Ware Shoals Police Department, as well as the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office, at the lack of effort that is being put forth to find Donna Renee Babb.

We in our beloved nation have had our share of junk mail. It has now escalated to a mammoth pile. I don't think there was one running for some office who could have felt left out. Thankfully, this looks like the last round up of the good ole voting corral.

My wife and I left today on a short trip. I filled up my car for $1.89 per gallon of gas. We drove 25 miles and the gas was $1.59. All the stations in that area had gas for $1.59 to $1.69, even at the interstate.

Those of us living in southern Laurens County know the reality. Several years ago, the wonderful Laurens County Council pulled the plug on our deputy assigned to the town and lake area.

I read the letter that Barbara Jackson wrote the other day. It appears the she is like most people. They think there is some some sort of requirement; i.e. a law degree, to become a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. There is no such requirement according to the U.S. Constitution.