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Swift and final as impeachment hearings heat up and wild-eyed Adam Schiff becomes more obnoxious and set on convicting President Trump, it becomes clear they do not have a leg to stand on and they know it.

On Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11, the Greenwood Republicans hosted “A Salute to the Veterans” at the Greenwood County Veterans Center with U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham as the guest speaker for the evening.

The Knights of Columbus of Father John B. Adair Council 7129 again thank the Greenwood Community for its generosity that helped make our annual Columbus HOPE Foundation Campaign (Tootsie Roll Drive) that we conducted in September, October,and November a huge success for this year.

Those who are worried about carbon emissions from fossil fuels should realize that contributions from U.S. discontinuing their use is puny and overwhelmed by China and India, where hundreds of coal-fired power plants are in use, with hundreds more planned.

I read Sen. Harvey Peelers’ letter the other week about the SC senate passing a bill to keep daylight saving time year round. My question is, was the public asked if they want to do this? I don’t remember seeing or hearing about a survey to see if the public wanted this to happen. Is this ju…

Our legislature chose, this year, to send each of us taxpayers a check for $50 instead of funding state responsibilities long neglected. True conservatives would put unexpected income to work, paying off debts and obligations, funding needed repair to infrastructure.

When an older person retires, they might decide later they want to return to the working class, even with a part-time position. However, this is not a good position to be in. We are discriminated against. 

I have been following your stories about the calendar change with great interest. I no longer have children in Greenwood County schools, but remember when they inexplicably changed the school calendar 15 years ago.

On Oct. 28, I read the Index-Journal’s coverage of the ceremony that honored the Hall of Heroes inductees. The reporter paid kudos aplenty to all the personnel that worked hard to put that great tribute together and to all the dignitaries present. I, too, thank them.

Let me start by saying I like looking over the Index-Journal in the morning. That being said, sometimes my wife says she wishes I wouldn't because I get so agitated from time to time. Friday was my laugh out loud moment with the ACLU and the Ms. Janice Carter by her avoiding paying her ticke…

On behalf of Greenwood Women Care, we would like to express gratitude for the positive article published this past week focusing on this 2-year-old organization (“Greenwood Women Care Emerging as Major Philanthropic Force”) and particular thanks for Friday’s Thumbs Up comments about GWC.