It's stated that South Carolina is declared to be one of a few Christian states. Thus, we are called a part of the Bible Belt. At one time, that would seem to be an accurate statement. Now it seems the attire has loosened its grip as we see so much diversity of thought, even within the subje…

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In 2016, against all odds, God gave us a president who accomplished unprecedented values for our country. He never took a salary, put his best effort forth for America and its people.

Editor’s note — Two sports writers covered, wrote, edited and placed no fewer than 13 local signings in Thursday’s edition, making it all but impossible to attend the game. However, the author’s point is not lost on our staff.

On Jan. 29, as I enjoyed my time shopping at the Dollar General on Emerald Road, I returned to my car with my bags. I forgot to get my purse from the buggy. After traveling for some time, I realized what happened and I returned to the store.

We are all angry about being subjected to the atrocities caused by the COVID-19 virus. Sometimes the people we are angriest against have nothing to do with why friends and family members have been infected with this disease.

We are living at a time when our world has been hit the proverbial “sucker punch” by a terrible pandemic coined COVID-19. Our salvation from this viral plague has emerged in the form of vaccines, developed through modern biotechnology in an amazingly short time. Unfortunately, the distributi…