An expert on Lifestyle Steps to a Healthy Body and Brain, Dr. Ann Kulse, Lectured about a Magic Pill in a recent webinar.

What is this Magic Pill? This pill has been shown to do to your body in scientific studies this list of wonderful things

Boost your mood

Spike self-esteem

Enhance memory and intellect

Prevent depression

Reduce stress

Treat depression

Prevent and treat dementia

Prevent and treat heart disease

Prevent and treat high blood pressure

Prevent and treat diabetes

Prevent and treat metabolic syndrome

Prevent and treat osteoporosis

Prevent and treat fatigue

Prevent and treat arthritis

Prevent and treat strokes

Prevent and treat obesity

This Magic Pill is movement or exercise. This is so good for your body and brain. This makes you feel great and is good for you. Scientific studies show it is good for you brain and good for your body. Lack of movement or lack of exercise will do just the opposite of this list to your body and brain.

This Magic Pill is so good for you it is almost too good to be true. Movement, physical activity, exercise is this wonderful Magic Pill. Based on this, we all need to do this for our body and brain to be healthy and function properly. The effect on the brain is so important. Consider reading the book “Spark” by Dr. John Ratey, a psychiatrist, who explains the scientific proof of how exercise is so important for brain health.

How much exercise or movement is necessary for your health? A minimum of 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every day is the minimum for a healthy body and brain. Better still for optimal health of your body and brain is five hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week. Resistant activity, such as weight training, and stretching exercise, such as yoga, are part of an optional exercise program also. It is important not to expose yourself to prolonged sitting. Movement is so important for optimal brain and body health.

If you do have to sit for prolonged periods, then movement and standing up for two to three minutes every hour is needed. Consider a standup desk, for you will think better and be healthier because of this. Find movement or exercise you enjoy and is fun, and that will help you make it a permanent part of your lifestyle.

The wonderful thing about this Magic Pill is that it really works and anybody can do it. Scientific studies show over and over again it really works and what an ideal, inexpensive and fun way to improve our brain and body health.

Let’s all take a Magic Pill every day. Movement, physical activity, exercise are so important to improve your health and prevent disease and disability. Exercise is truly the key to health and happiness.

Eichelberger practices part-time office gynecology at Greenwood Obstetrics and Gynecology and teaches on the Montgomery Family Practice Residency Program. He is also co-chairman of the Ethics Committee at Self Regional Healthcare and serves as the Associate Medical Director of HospiceCare of the Piedmont. Send comments to: The Doctor’s Prescription, PO Box 36, Ninety Six, SC 29666.