I want to remind your readers that Friday is National Healthcare Decisions Day. This is the perfect occasion for readers to take the time to think about their own health care decisions. If you were ill, what kind of treatments do you want? What is quality of life to you? Have you put these w…

Every child in South Carolina should be taught how and why the Constitution was written as well as what it means. They need to know to enable them to cope in the future with anti-American and cancel culture nonsense.

Nowhere has the impact of the COVID “lockdown” been more evident than in K-12 public school systems throughout the country since in-person learning ceased about one year ago in favor of virtual classes.

Mary Balfour and I have settled it. We can now say with pride that we both call Greenwood, South Carolina home. It was quite a journey to get here, but I will spare you much of the agony and simply say this:

It might seem far-fetched to write about parenting from the perspective of tyranny. Tyranny seems to be a description more apt for a political science discussion, about how governments and countries can be overtaken by a leader or small group of people who rule in a severe and unjust manner.

Years ago, my great-grandfather, Samuel Metts operated a large farm in southern Greenwood County. When my grandfather passed away, my father, Bill Metts, maintained the land and used it for hunting, but all farming operations ceased.

Now that 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, we’ve got a much better understanding of the side effects and consequences of vaccination. However there are still questions from people who have been vaccinated, or still considering vaccination. So, here are a few.

Media have gotten so streamlined that only one newspaper wrote a story last week when the S.C. House Ways and Means Committee approved a $9.8 billion budget.

When COVID-19 swept into South Carolina last March, the deadly disease proceeded to hit us with a gut punch. We did the only thing we could: joined hands and hit back with our initial plans to confront an unknown, rapidly evolving situation.

The hateful mindsets and actions of the far right and far left are a clear and present danger to America. State and federal law enforcement should always be ready to overwhelmingly squash rebellion and lawlessness.

Courage isn’t something that one typically thinks of when discussing physicians, especially pediatricians. Defined as the “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty,” the courage exhibited by Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha truly fits that definition. …

Commonsense tells us that unity is necessary for any nationwide endeavor to succeed. Jim Valvano, the late basketball coach, set an example for all of us when he was dying of cancer. “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” Those words pertain to what exists in this nation today more than anyone…

The S.C. Election Commission is facing the possibility of a governing board that’s more partisan and beholden to the legislature after its director suggested pandemic changes to expand access to absentee voting in the November election.