When you pass from this earth after celebrating your 101st birthday, you aren’t expecting a crowd to attend your funeral. The majority of your peers have gone before you and you most likely outlived a number of family members. Well, Elizabeth Katherine Adams Babb probably looked over the Fir…

The math is easy. With about about $2 billion in new or surplus tax revenues for the state’s coming fiscal year, there’s more than enough money for the General Assembly to do something it should have long done: Make 4-year-old kindergarten available for all of South Carolina’s poor children.

In Harper Lee’s other book, “Go Set a Watchman,” Jane Louise Finch returns to Macomb after living in New York for some time. She returns expecting to find the Macomb she left. Instead, she learns her father is a member of the White Citizens Council. She confronts her father about his associa…

Looking back at the past decade, it’s pretty easy to see what the S.C. General Assembly didn’t do – fix education, fix the tax structure, fix health care and on and on.

Our country is pretty much divided up into two very different political camps. The divide is so deep that one camp has been determined to remove a sitting president from his duly-elected office ever since he was elected.

I love the holidays, and, as Charles Dickens would encourage, I strive to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long. But the holidays are emotional whirlwinds for many us, a season filled with difficulty, loss and longing.

The writer is sharing a Christmas story shared by Martha Thurmond Bishop, who taught a home economics class at Lander College and shared the tale with her students.

What can I do to improve my health? Improving my health will not only help me live longer, but will help me live better. Improving your lifestyle, I believe, is one of the keys to improving your health.

If it is typical, campaign-year bluster will fill rooms as lawmakers clamor for the spotlight to get pet projects passed. Hot-button, controversial issues will suck oxygen out of the Statehouse and waste valuable time.

In an instant, I went from taking a job teaching high school English to a three-month coma. I went from a marriage to my high school sweetheart to a year in a wheelchair.

Millennials and iGen kids who now gleefully deprecate and mock baby boomers these days need to face the reality that the very lifestyle that keeps them connected, in tune, entertained, online and hip to what’s happening is due to … wait for it … baby boomers.

Two people are in conflict if they cannot agree on something. Sometimes the source of the conflict is a minor issue, sometimes a major issue. Sometimes the involved parties can have a rational discussion about the conflict, and sometimes they act irrational, being verbally or physically abusive.

A Saint and Santa. No matter our circumstances, we have memories of long ago Christmases. We remember, of course, the anticipation and excitement associated with Santa Claus. There were times, though, when we learned why Christmas was special. Those days back then laid the foundation for the…

The Democratic presidential preference primary is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 29 (it’s a Leap Year). We do anticipate the polls to be busy, so don’t delay in requesting your absentee ballot and get caught in the last-minute rush.

Former and current American officials indicate that the Intelligence Committee had contact with the whistleblower prior to his/her filing the complaint over Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. The committee does not deny it, but maintains they simply told th…