It’s a trend unlike any other we’ve witnessed.

Put a stamp over this calendar year. Label it “FAIL.” Label it “CANCELED.”

The COVID-19 has ravaged the globe and certainly it has covered the U.S. like a great tsunami — a tsunami that seems to just keep on giving.

Indoor dining was canceled. Social occasions in bars and other venues offering live music were canceled. Church services canceled or moved to livestream. Indoor concerts? Canceled. Outdoor concerts? Yup. Canceled. Live shows on the community theater stage? Canceled. Sports? Canceled. Or delayed. Or derailed by athletes testing positive just days or even hours before a planned game. Those that do take place largely do so in nearly empty stadiums with piped in crowd noise.

And just this week, the City of Greenwood announced it was pulling the plug on the annual Christmas parade. It is sad, certainly, but it is a smart decision.


The COVID-19 positive case daily tally issued by DHEC doesn’t give us a lot of hope that the pandemic is somehow going to miraculously disappear. Thursday’s statewide tally again broke the 1,000 mark and Friday’s total did not reflect a significant enough drop to indicate we are heading in the right direction as a state.

Yes, the parade is an outdoor event, but anyone paying attention to the news knows that large crowds assembled outdoors does not prevent the transmission of the virus. Christmas parades put adults and children in close proximity to each other, both on the many floats and lining the street.

The city, like many others, took the right course of action. Santa Claus will still come to town this year, it’s just that he’s going to have to skip the pre-Christmas visit he usually pays the kids. And really, what kind of a Christmas present would it be from the city if it went ahead with the parade and we saw a tremendous surge in positive cases?