We were hoping to give a thumbs up to all the readers who acted on Sunday’s editorial and sent letters to the editor or letters about random acts of kindness.

Either no one read that particular editorial or whoever did read it isn’t inspired to write. We figured we’d up the ante, fire up the inspiration by dangling a carrot out there. Actually, it was more than a carrot. It was a full meal. We’re offering a $20 gift certificate to Montague’s to whoever we decide submitted the winning entry within a two-week period, so there is still time. We’ll have a winner chosen on Feb. 24. By the way, while the carrots are good, we’d recommend you get the Brussels sprouts as a side. Now, get writing. Oh, and for now our thumb is once again sideways for this one.

Here’s one to ponder as we take a rare wade into the national waters. The Democratic Party touts itself as the authentic all-inclusive party, right? Joe Biden high-tailed it out of New Hampshire on primary day and headed to South Carolina because he knew he would fare poorly there.

Where’d he go? South Carolina, the state he calls his firewall state. What’d he say? He talked about how he hoped South Carolina loved him as much as he loved the Palmetto State and, while standing in Columbia, told the crowd that when he died he wanted to be buried in Charleston.

Guess he doesn’t know that despite the Palmetto State being relatively small, residents of the Midlands and Upstate often turn their noses up at Lowcountry residents, especially when it comes to politics and a sense that the Lowcountry generally gets all the sweet deals.

What else did he say? That no Democrat can win the presidency without the black and brown vote. Guess what, Joe? The man you served as vice president under, Barack Obama, wouldn’t have been elected were it not for a number of white votes.

But back to the all-inclusive party, the one that did all it could four years ago to ensure the Jewish candidate didn’t get the nomination. That same candidate, Bernie Sanders, was the top vote-getter in both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. Coming in a close second behind Sanders was Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay married man.

South Carolina’s Democratic primary is nigh upon us. Who knows how it will play out? Will Biden’s firewall get doused by a flood of Bernie or Buttigieg votes? But even so, will the Party of All find a way to ensure neither of those gets the nomination?

Consider what U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, a long-serving Democrat from South Carolina, had to say about Buttigieg this past November. He said the presidential candidate’s sexuality will present a problem for black voters, especially older black voters.

And let’s not forget that Sanders might well have told Elizabeth Warren that a woman cannot be elected president yet.

You readers make of that what you will, but it all contains a certain irony to some. The old Jewish guy from Vermont couldn’t be the party’s nominee over the woman running. It could be time for a woman president unless you’re the old Jewish guy from Vermont taking his second shot at the job. It could be time for a gay president, but not if you’re a large segment of the Democratic Party’s voting bloc. And, by the way, we bet it’s not just older black voters who take issue with Buttigieg’s sexuality.

We’d have to give the Dems a thumbs down for seeming a bit hypocritical.