Good can come from tragedy.

That is the case involving the May shooting death of 24-year-old Greenwood resident Cody Hawkins. While the family still seeks answers and justice, Hawkins’ godmother, Shanna Childs, has turned her grief into action. She gathered other women whose families have been shattered by gun violence in and around Greenwood and formed Mothers Commanding Cease Fire.

The group’s goal is not about revenge, and it’s not about justice only. It is about trying to effect real change, the type of change that can ultimately result in fewer acts of gun violence, fewer deaths.

A thumbs up surely is inadequate, but Childs and others who have joined in these efforts to turn back the tide of violence even in the wake of their own grief over the loss of loved ones is commendable.

And while on the subject, Lamar Advertising does deserve a thumbs up for donating billboard space devoted to securing information that will lead law enforcement to finding Cody Hawkins’ killer.

Lander University President Richard Cosentino might have winced over the headline — or so we’ve heard — but heck, he had reason to be a bit boastful in his State of the University address this week.

So yes, a thumbs up for good news on the Lander campus. Record enrollment, highest student housing occupancy, largest freshman class, a concierge service that will provide a one-stop-shop for information students need about Lander, an e-sports facility, new tennis courts.

Heck, if you don’t toot your own horn sometimes, the silence is deafening. It was a state of the university address, so sure, there’s a bit of pride to cut loose. How many State of the State and State of the Union addresses have we all heard that are not laced with proud moments?