What a great Father’s Day gift and something to really crow about. Wait. We mean, something to really moo about till the cows come home. OK, we’ll quit with the puns; we’re just too chicken to attempt anymore humor.

So, with that said, a big thumbs up to the folks at the Chick-fil-A that fronts Greenwood Mall who helped pull off a great family reunion for U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Cook. It’s the sort of thing you see running rampant on social media. Cheerleader on the football field turns around and sees her dad walking out from the sidelines following a tour of duty overseas. Kid opens large gift box in the house or on his lawn only to find the birthday or Christmas gift is his mom who has been serving overseas.

Well, Greenwood had its own tear-inducing social media moment when Cook surprised his family. The father of five was posing as the famous Chick-fil-A cow, having his photo taken with patrons, when his own family gathered around him for a photo of their own. And then it happened. Cook, on leave from Kuwait, removed the cow head and stooped to begin hugging his children. By the way, the video is as great to watch as the story on Wednesday was to read. It’s on our Facebook page. We dare you to avoid shedding a tear.

American Legion Post 20 baseball players and even some of their opponents get a thumbs up for their willingness to get their heads shaved in support of a long-running annual campaign to raise money for St. Baldrick’s, an organization that puts the dollars to work in cancer research.

While we are at it, a thumbs up to Dale Kittles, who has been keeping this campaign going and keeping his promise to his daughter, Lauren, to do. Lauren lost her battle to cancer in 2010.

Well, we’ll bee!

That’s not a typo. This time.

No, we’re just buzzin’ with joy over a bit of good news that’s sweet as honey. The City of Florence this week signed on as a Bee City, joining neighboring Lake City, which became a Bee City in 2015, and Greenwood, which signed up two years ago.

There’s room for more cities, should they want to join Bee City USA’s efforts to raise awareness of the important role pollinators play in maintaining healthy communities. Three’s a good start, but let’s hope the buzz picks up and more join.

Oh, and a thumbs up to all the folks who participated in Saturday’s SC Festival of Flowers’ Topiaries and Tastings. Granted, it was tough to stand outside and admire the topiaries, which got a well-deserved drenching, but the event went well. Despite the weather, plenty of ticket holders made the best of things. Retailers also did, and hats off to them for tolerating the wet traffic in and out of their stores.

And just to set the record straight about the wine walk, there were no alcohol-related arrests made between the hours of 6 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. Sunday, per Police Chief Gerald Brooks. Apparently, folks enjoyed a wet but leisurely stroll around Uptown, sipping small pours of the various wines they chose to sample.