Friday? Again? Already?

Do your Fridays seem to arrive sooner than before the novel coronavirus descended? Or do they seem to take forever, as in two weeks versus one?

How are you handling your daily lives during the pandemic? Are you an overly social person who is stir crazy and ready to go wherever people are gathered just so you can be among them, even if you don’t know any of them? Are you an introvert who finds yourself wanting home-or-work to go on indefinitely?

If you have been adjusting well during the past — what is it now? — couple of months, then a big thumbs up to you. Perhaps you are among those who have decided that you must do your part to ensure you don’t infect anyone else and no one else has much opportunity to infect you. And, by proxy, your loved ones.

It’s a tough row to hoe, but you’re hanging in there and making the best of it. You’re getting more than your money’s worth out of your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts, although you do worry what the next eye exam might reveal about your tele-vision. Maybe you’ve blown up your Pinterest account and have become an extraordinary chef. Or you’ve become the craftiest craft person, so much so that you now need to start selling items on Facebook or in a physically distant yard sale.

Now, if you have not adjusted too well, if you think your individual rights have been trampled, we yet hope you’re not imposing your views on others to the extent that you’re violating their rights and their personal space.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay clear of other people and follow the rules of wherever you’re visiting or shopping. You have no right to invade people’s personal spaces to make your point. If you are, you get a thumbs down. And don’t be surprised if the person whose space you invade gives you a different hand signal. Perhaps even more than that.

As we wind on through the month of May and head our way into the summer months, a time when annual events many of us look forward to take place, we do so tentatively. Already it has been announced that a number of events are either called off or postponed. Tough decisions people had to make, no doubt.

The annual Catfish Feastival in Ware Shoals might not be taking place, but that hasn’t stopped the town from making the best of things by yet selling plates of food. Safely, of course.

Just around the corner in early June would have been the Festival of Flowers and its main weekend, a time to toast the topiaries with a traditional wine walk and more. But that’s not to be this year. Some festival events are being moved down the line to the fall when, it is hoped, “corona” will be a reference to a beer, not a virus.

But not all is lost. Thumbs up to the fact that Uptown Greenwood will yet again be dotted with its beloved topiaries for all to enjoy. And if small groups of people are seen visiting them, taking photos of each other beside them, we expect it will be OK. And if they’re visiting the topiaries on what would have been the main weekend, don’t ask them what they have in the cups they’re carrying. Some traditions are hard to break.