No doubt there was plenty of football talk going on Monday.

Oh, you thought we meant about the matchup between the two Tigers? Well, there was that too, but we’re talking about a different topic. And, in fact, we suspect the talk was plentiful Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sports is not generally one of the areas we wade into in this space, but it does seem appropriate at this time. Weeks ago we rolled off the high school football season in which the only Lakelands team to claim a championship trophy was another Tigers team — Saluda. Theirs might have been a surprise upset that prevented Abbeville’s Panthers from laying claim to five consecutive state championship titles, but they earned the spot.

There’s an air of excitement over high school football in the Lakelands again, however, with the coaching lineup just announced for Greenwood County School District 50’s two high schools.

No one — no one that was being honest with themselves, at least — thought either Emerald or Greenwood high schools would wind up even close to a championship title. Seasons come and seasons go, but the drought has been long for the Vikings and Eagles.

Of course, coaching changes alone do not spell championships. Still, the district naming Chris Liner to lead the Eagles and Tad DuBose to lead the Vikings is encouraging and exciting news.

Liner, as he said himself, is “a Greenwood boy.” He knows Greenwood High’s steep winning history and he’s ready to bring that back. DuBose has spent the past 20 years in Abbeville, which knows a thing or two about winning.

Again, the coaching hires alone will not make championship teams for Emerald or Greenwood, but we believe these two represent a marked uptick in what lies ahead. Liner and DuBose know what it takes to build winning teams and we believe their presence will be the start of a tremendous turnaround for Greenwood County high school football.