Do you have a driver’s license? If so, do you keep it handy, especially when driving and shopping?

Do you have a concealed weapons permit? If so, do you keep it handy, especially when you’re away from home and carrying a weapon on your person?

Do you have pets? Do you have their shot records you can show at the boarding kennel as proof they’re up to date on their shots?

Do you have children in school? At college or university? Do you have their immunization records?

When you go to the Peace Center or Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville for a concert — you remember those types of events, don’t you? — do you have a clear bag in which to carry your possessions for when you proceed through the checkpoint before entering?

When you travel abroad, do you have a passport?

Do you have a RealID yet?

Do you have a Social Security card and can prove who you are to the IRS? When getting a loan? A credit card?

Ah, so many “do you” questions that could be asked, most of which would be answered in the affirmative.

And yet, some would have you believe that if we are asked to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to fly, enter a stadium, theater or arena, we are most surely going to be herded onto train cars one day. Or, at the very least, hauled off to a tattoo parlor to have our vaccination record permanently placed on our arms.

That, readers, is not meant in any way to imply that there is any parallel between what happened in Nazi-controlled Germany. It is, rather, meant to point up just how ridiculous it is for anyone to imply that vaccinations and the so-called vaccination passports even come close to that.

The drumbeat that all things COVID-19 are about government control needs to be drowned out by a loud refrain: It’s about health.