In what might best be construed as a single thumbs-up nomination for Friday’s edition, kudos to Greenwood County School District 50 for partnering with Gaggle.

Some readers might think this is some reference to geese, but it’s not. Today’s digital world lingo continues to evolve and so it’s easy to understand how IT, tweeting, Google and Googling, Facebook, friending, unfriending, pinning via Pinterest and all else can cause confusion.

But today’s digital world brings more than new words into the dictionary and everyday conversation. It has a dark side to it as the internet provides windows and access never before imagined.

Computers, whether you agree or disagree, are as much a part of today’s learning environment as chalkboards were for generations of students years ago.

Thus, the district’s decision to deploy Gaggle as a tie-in safety net with the G-Suite applications and tools used by the teachers and students throughout the school system.

Think of Gaggle as a sort of hall monitor, only it’s monitoring the halls students travel via the internet, monitoring 24/7 for red flags, such as references to drugs and alcohol, violence, sexual content, hate speech, pornography and self-harm.

Beth Taylor, director of secondary education, and Superintendent Steve Glenn noted the power Google’s suite of applications provides in today’s learning environment while acknowledging the district’s obligation to also consider safety.

Our fast-paced digital environments, at work, home and play, make it easy to lose sight of consequences at times, but District 50 parents, teachers and students should be heartened by the district’s level of care and concern used when deploying the tools of learning.