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Congress and the Trump administration must act swiftly to send a lifeline to citizens and an economy reeling from the ravages of the coronavirus. The aid will come as welcome relief to many Americans, but lawmakers can’t allow this unprecedented spending all to sit on the nation’s credit card.

If there is anything consistent about the COVID-19 pandemic it is that there is really nothing consistent.

Newspapers are accustomed to criticism. It comes with the territory. This newspaper has not shied away from publishing letters to the editor that are critical of its coverage of news and events, even when the criticism seems unwarranted or just a bit over the top.

With the volume of rain that has fallen in The T&D Region and around South Carolina, it’s hard to think of wildfires as much of a risk just now. Things will change.

Please, don’t be so self-absorbed that you cannot fathom — or choose not to fathom — the importance of how businesses, organizations, schools, entertainment venues and the like have been responding to the coronavirus.