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As we barrel headlong toward Christmas, thoughts of Halloween are likely gone as the candy collected by children. But Da’Moni Simpkins’ tragic Halloween night accident should give us pause to again consider how we go about celebrating the annual kids’ costuming and candy collecting adventure.

The breakdown in global recycling markets and the growing public alarm over plastic waste in the ocean has prompted appropriately consequential action across the globe.

The class-warfare suggestion of some political candidates that the super-wealthy are somehow not entitled to what they’ve made is both ridiculous and dangerous.

Yet again we pondered what prophetic thought we could share with readers on this Thanksgiving Day. We looked at what we said in this space last year, the year before that and even before that. Indeed, we were quickly reminded that each year’s message remains the same. We find it resonates th…

South Carolina ranks 47th in the nation in providing resources to combat mental illness. That abysmal situation may be starting to change, but we have a long way to go.

When a tenth of the members of the S.C. Legislature were indicted on corruption charges in the federal Operation Lost Trust sting, the question was how, not whether, lawmakers would overhaul the state’s anemic ethics law and enact other reforms to reduce the chance that their colleagues woul…