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A growing body of evidence suggests that America’s opioid addicts are being victimized twice — first by the industry that helped get them hooked and then by the industry that purports to rehabilitate them. Across the country, business has exploded at addiction-treatment centers that gladly t…

Most S.C. legislators know the claims that having more armed citizens makes us all safer are at best wishful thinking, at worst dangerously wrong — as demonstrated yet again Feb. 11 when yet another report came out indicating just the opposite, with the highest per-capita gun deaths in state…

While we do not always align with Gov. Henry McMaster on some state matters, we have known him to be an ardent supporter of government transparency, not only as governor, but also when he served as the state’s attorney general.

Editor’s note — While this editorial centers on a tragic event that took place in Orangeburg, it has statewide implications. For that reason, as we share this editorial we also share a belief that the call for a day of memoriam include the entire state.

Today is the eve of a special day on each year’s calendar. Yes, Sunday will be Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already done so, you have some time to slip out of the house today and buy that special someone a little something to show the love.

Of course your point of view is the correct one, right? At least, that is, we all tend to believe that. At least initially. Plenty of times that proves to be the case, but sometimes new information comes along, either through reading or civil discourse, and we can and do change our views.

His name might be tougher to pronounce than his predecessor’s, a man he worked for while on the force, but after some exploration of potential candidates and plenty of assessment time, T.J. Chaudoin is now, officially, chief of police for the City of Greenwood.