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Flip over that coffee cup at your desk or on your breakfast table. Where was it made? Heck, you could look at so many objects in your home, your office — just about anywhere, really — and see the words “Made in China” stamped on them.

The impeachment of an American president is a tragedy, one that should not be made worse by a sham trial in the Senate. Americans of all parties need a complete and fair vetting of whether President Donald Trump abused his power, by pressuring Ukraine to produce political dirt on a rival, an…

While it is difficult not to see view the timing as coincidental only, we don’t think that — in South Carolina, at least — public schools are godless havens. True, there have been attempts to have prayer removed entirely from school functions, such as football games, but overall it seems our…

The new year on the roads has already claimed one life in Orangeburg County. That’s not the beginning we had hoped for after a year that saw traffic deaths here increase while the number killed statewide declined.

All 176 aboard a passenger plane were killed by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile last Wednesday, hours after an Iranian retaliatory strike on an Iraqi base occupied by U.S. troops. The circumstances surrounding Iran’s responsibility for this tragedy were hard to deny from the moment it happe…

It might not be fun, it might not be what so many in South Carolina wanted. But this much is true: There is no shame in making it all the way to the national championship game — win or lose.

In spring 2017, Gov. Henry McMaster ordered that South Carolina comply with the federal government’s Real ID and begin issuing Real ID driver’s licenses and identification cards that meet the federal standard.

Maybe it’s because we are still coming off the holidays and people are busy taking down Christmas decorations and trees, and getting ready to put up Valentine’s decorations. And trees. Or maybe people have been traveling still and just haven’t had time to catch up on their newspapers.

Some Southerners by birth have a tendency to think ill of our neighbors to the north of the Mason-Dixon line. It could be a sad holdover from the Civil War or just a generalization based on various experiences people have had.