Rep. Jeff Duncan did not support impeaching President Donald Trump, a longstanding view the Laurens Republican reiterated in his posts to social media throughout the day Wednesday as Republicans made a last-ditch — and ultimately unsuccessful — effort against impeachment.

“Today is the day Democrats have been talking about for 3 years — the day they attempt to overrule the will of the American people and impeach the President. And with what? Hearsay, conjecture, and opinion — no facts, no evidence, no case,” Duncan wrote in his first Facebook post of the day. “This has always been a verdict looking for a crime!”

That post supported adjourning Wednesday morning before the House could vote to impeach — a measure that was defeated along party lines.

He reiterated his point later on the House floor while wearing “TRUMP” socks.

“You can’t even get a speeding ticket in this country based on hearsay,” Duncan said, “but yet we are going to impeach an American president based on just that.”

He also wrote on Facebook that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “instructed her Democrat Caucus to stay ‘serious’ today during impeachment debate — she doesn’t want Members of Congress to look excited to impeach the President. But the American people see right through it!”

He tweeted that “I’ll be casting a vote of ‘hell no’ on this partisan impeachment charade,” which he described as “a group therapy session to help Democrats cope with their 2016 election loss.”

In a more ominous Twitter posting, he wrote: “Today is a dark day in America. It’s dark because Democrats have caused irreparable harm to this institution & the impeachment process. It’s dark because Democrats are impeaching a President based on hearsay, & hearsay alone. Our Founding Fathers warned of such abuse & tyranny.”

After the vote, which saw Republicans unanimously rebuff impeachment, Duncan repeated his concerns in a released statement.

“The Democrats have taken our nation through a divisive, partisan impeachment lacking evidence, due process, or constitutional basis in order to overturn the results of the 2016 election,” he said. “They are so blinded by their hatred for the President that they voted to impeach him regardless of facts, rules, or the truth. This will go down as the most partisan and rigged impeachment process in American history — and history will not be kind to the Democrats of the 116th Congress.”

He touted Trump’s accomplishments in office, saying the president “has worked every day for the American people: draining the swamp, lowering taxes, eliminating costly regulations, removing the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal and Paris Climate Agreement, crafting America first trade policies, nominating constitutionalists to the courts, and working to protect our borders.”

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