Authorities say a Greenwood woman created fake emails from doctors while bilking money from a vulnerable adult over whom she had power of attorney.

The State Law Enforcement Division charged Nancy Downey Wolfe with exploitation of a vulnerable adult; obtaining signature or property under false pretenses, value more than $2,000 but less than $10,000; and forgery, value less than $10,000.

The woman was given broad authority to manage someone’s finances and affairs through a 21-page document granting her power of attorney. The October 2018 filing stipulates she should not disrupt the person’s estate plan except when unavoidable. Her authority ended in February with someone else receiving power of attorney. A SLED investigation led to charges stemming from how she discharged her authority.

“Wolfe exploited the victim by failing to ensure she received adequate medical attention by creating fictitious emails from doctors,” one warrant said. “She utilized funds of the victim from her account causing her account to have a negative balance, increased duress to the victim, which resulted in emergency care, and coerced the victim into lending money that was never paid back.”

The document said these acts happened from June 2019 through February.

Other warrants allege she orchestrated contracts for property investments in which the victim paid deposits for the purchase of property from November 2019 through February.

Wolfe, of 119 Young St., was arrested Thursday and released on combined $7,500 surety bonds with an order not to contact the victim.