Before shooting and injuring four people, a McCormick man had been acting strangely, worrying that someone had put something in his drugs and was trying to kill him, according to a report.

Marteze Antonia Robinson, 30, of McCormick turned himself in to police Sunday following the shooting. He’s charged with attempted murder, three counts of high and aggravated assault and battery and one count of possession of firearm or ammunition by person convicted of a violent felony.

McCormick police answered a call at about 12:40 a.m. Sunday to a Cherry Valley apartment, where they found four people shot and injured, the report said. The four people in the apartment were lying and sitting down, tending to gunshot wounds in their legs while one person was lying down, shot in their lower back.

All four people identified their shooter, and one of them said the man who shot them had been at the apartment all day “acting strange and paranoid saying that someone had put something in his drugs and they were trying to get him,” the report said. The injured people told police they were just hanging out when the man turned off the lights and said people were trying to get him, and soon after he began shooting.

One person tried to escape the shooter, but when he fell down, the shooter pointed the gun at him and tried to fire — but the gun failed to fire, the report said.

McCormick Police Chief Bo Willis said three of the injured people were at home as of Monday morning after being treated for their injuries. One person was flown from Self Regional Medical Center to a Greenville hospital for treatment, where they are reported to be recovering.

Officers took Robinson into custody after he turned himself in, and was driven to the police station by Greenville anti-gun activist Jack Logan, founder of the Put Down the Guns Now Young People organization.

Logan said he met Robinson a few years ago when Logan was hosting a vigil in McCormick for someone killed by gun violence. At that vigil, he said Robinson taught him how to use Facebook Live. He said he knew Robinson got in trouble with the law from time to time, and the McCormick County public index shows he served time on two assault charges in 2016 and 2018, but Logan said Robinson had also helped with events Logan hosted and had been trying to avoid trouble.

On Saturday, Logan saw Robinson had been posting to social media in ways that raised concern. The following day, he learned from someone living in the area that Robinson was wanted in connection with this shooting.

“I told him not to hurt himself, and then I texted him that I want him to turn himself in,” Logan said.

Robinson called Logan and said that’s what he wanted to do. Logan called Willis and talked about Robinson, telling Willis he would drive Robinson to the police station. Willis was concerned, Logan said, but thanked law enforcement for trusting him to deliver on his word.

“I never witnessed what I witnessed yesterday,” Logan said on Monday. “Me seeing that yesterday, it made me hurt. Out of all the people in Greenwood, McCormick and Abbeville, and he’s a person I’ve spent a lot of time talking with on the phone. I want justice for his victims, but I’m not giving up on him.”

Logan said he’s heard much through social media about this case and heard from Robinson as well, but he’s reserving judgment. He said he’s praying for the people who were shot and hopes they get justice, but he’s also holding out hope for Robinson to seek a better path.

“He placed himself in a position he didn’t have to be in,” Logan said.

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