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A Fountain Inn man admitted to pointing a gun at a fellow driver while on McCormick Highway, according to a report.

Thomas Evan Stephenson, 33, of 134 Mitford Way, Fountain Inn was arrested Sunday and charged with pointing and presenting a firearm and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

On Sunday evening, a Greenwood County deputy was called out to McCormick Highway after someone reported a driver pointing a rifle at another person out of road rage. Officers found the vehicle of the man who reportedly pointed the gun and pulled him over, finding a rifle and handgun in his truck.

Deputies spoke with the person who reported having a gun pointed at him over the phone, and he said he and a woman were driving along McCormick Highway toward Greenwood and had difficulty merging onto the road because of a truck blocking them. The man told deputies he eventually got behind the truck, but the truck driver seemed irate and pulled out a rifle, pointing it toward them through the truck’s window.

Deputies spoke with the truck’s driver, who said the man and woman were following him too closely and had cut him off in traffic, so he pulled out the gun and pointed it at them, the report said. Officers also found a pistol in plain view in the truck, and the man said he did not have a concealed weapons permit.