Greenwood police received a call just after 1 a.m. Friday about an armed robbery at a convenience store, but when officers arrived the man was sitting on the floor, waiting for police, according to a report.

Michael Allen Wren, 36, of 111 Woodrow Ave., Greenwood was arrested Friday and charged with common-law robbery.

Officers arriving at the 7-Eleven at 140 Main St. detained the man in the store before speaking with a store clerk. The clerk showed officers a piece of paper the man handed her which said “This is a robbery, turn over all your cash.”

She told officers the man came in the store several minutes before he approached the counter — he went into the bathroom, then walked outside and paced back and forth before coming back inside to hand the clerk the note, the report said. A witness told police he also saw the man pacing before coming in and handing over the note.

After handing the clerk his note, the man sat on the floor and said he was waiting for law enforcement to arrive, the report said.