A Greenwood woman is facing charges after a police officer had to dodge her bites as he tried to arrest her following reports of her attacking someone, according to a report.

Michelle Shaw Yingling, 40, of 412 Morgan Ave., Greenwood was arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree domestic violence, resisting arrest with assault on an officer, resisting arrest and driving under the influence.

A Greenwood police officer responded to a call of a woman attacking a man in the area of Morgan Avenue and found a woman getting out of a vehicle yelling and trying to take something from a man, the report said. When she noticed the officer, she tried to push past him.

The officer struggled to try and detain the woman, who resisted and struggled to keep him from putting handcuffs on her, the report said. Twice the officer had to pull his arm away because the woman appeared to be trying to bite him, he noted.

After another officer helped restrain her so she could be cuffed, the man she had been attacking told police he took her keys away from her to keep her from driving while intoxicated.

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