Police investigators snapped pictures of an overturned car Tuesday night, a utility pole leaning against it and a web of cables stretching across New Market Street.

Earlier in the evening, that car was chasing another, with people inside firing shots at the other vehicle as they drove along New Market, said T.J. Chaudoin, Greenwood’s provisional police chief. Bullet casings were found along the roadway stretching from Chipley Avenue nearly to East Cambridge Avenue, and Chaudoin said he wouldn’t be surprised if about 15 shots were fired.

Officers had collected some shell casings but didn’t know yet if there were casings of multiple calibers or only one. Chaudoin didn’t know where the chase started, but it ended when the car the shooters were in overturned and knocking a utility pole over on top of the vehicle.

Witnesses told police three men fled from the vehicle on foot, and K9 units were on scene to try and track them. Chaudoin did not have a description of the men and said the car they were shooting at continued driving.

Local hospitals were notified to keep an eye out for anyone coming in with gunshot wounds, Chaudoin said.

Officers had New Market Street blocked off from Chipley to East Cambridge Avenue, and a crowd of onlookers gathered from nearby houses and apartments along Chipley Avenue.

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