Robbery 01

Greenwood police investigate an armed robbery Wednesday night at the Pavan Food Store on South Main Street.

Two armed robberies in one night have left police on the hunt for suspects, but details on the robbers have been scarce

The first robbery happened at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday, at the Pavan Food Store at 1048 S. Main St., according to a report. A store clerk told police that a skinny man in a gray coat came into the store, pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The robber then knocked over a display case, and when a customer walked in, the suspect ran out through the front door without any money.

The customer told police the robber had a red bandanna on his face and a hood on. Surveillance video showed that the gun appeared to be a revolver, the report said.

Attempts to track the robber using a tracking dog failed, and officers weren’t able to get any fingerprints from the scene, the report said.

At nearly 11 p.m., a second robbery happened at the Food Lion at 2551 Highway 25 S., about 2 miles south of the Pavan Food Store. Greenwood police and deputies spoke with the manager, who said two men robbed the store at gunpoint, the report said.

Though no one was hurt, one employee told police he was at the front of the store when he was grabbed from behind by one of the robbers. The assailant put a handgun to the employee’s head and ordered him to lead the robbers to the safe, the report said. While one robber emptied the safe into a plastic trash bag, the other held the employee at gunpoint, and once finished, they both ran from the store, police noted.

Video showed the men approach the store from the north and mingle outside for a few minutes before going in. Their clothing did not seem to match the robber’s clothes in the Pavan Food Store case. A tracking dog was called out to this robbery as well, but lost the scent near the north end of the parking lot, the report said.

Police Maj. Jeff Crisp said investigators had not identified any suspects by Thursday afternoon but were working to get copies of surveillance video to put out images of the robbers. These cases are under investigation, he said, and police will make more information available as they learn more.