Police lights

A trip to the convenience store turned violent for a group of men Thursday night when they were fired on by a driver in the parking lot and exchanged shots with their assailant, according to a report.

The shooting happened at about 8 p.m. Thursday at the Quickway convenience store at 466 Ninety Six Highway. Officers investigating the shooting were able to watch surveillance video from inside the convenience store, which showed much of what happened.

The video showed three men pull up to the store in a white Ford Taurus at about 7:50 p.m., officers noted. All three eventually went inside the store, and while they were looking around a white Toyota Camry pulled into the gas station and the driver parked beside the Ford.

As one of the men from the Ford stepped out of the store, he looked twice at the Toyota as if he recognized the unidentified person inside, before sitting in the Ford and waiting on the other two men he came with, the report said.

The driver of the Camry backed out and pulled behind the Taurus, opening fire through the opened driver-side window at the Taurus, the report said. Police noted seeing dust in the surveillance video where bullets hit the brick wall of the gas station, and one shot hit the center of one of the Taurus’ hubcaps, causing it to fly off.

The man in the Taurus took cover and returned fire as the Camry driver leaves, turning onto Ninety Six Highway headed toward Ninety Six, the report said. Two of the three men who came in the Taurus drove away along Blyth Road, leaving the third man at the gas station when police arrived. Officers noted seeing this man when they arrived, and that he told them he was not involved and left the scene in another person’s car.

Officers found five 9 mm shell casings at the scene, and an officer with personal knowledge of one of the men involved was able to find the Taurus parked by a wood line near Grand Prix Court, the report said. The owner of the residence where the car was parked told police he hadn’t seen who was driving the car, nor did he know it had been parked there.

All officers were asked to be on the lookout for the Camry, and police noted they would follow up at the convenience store to get a copy of the surveillance video once it was available.